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Realistic style of weapons with a touch of fantasy. Player storage and homes to buy. Merchants.

Permissions and credits

----- Andragorn's Armoury-----
Realistic style of weapons with a touch of fantasy.
Player storage and homes to buy.

----- Description----------

Andragorn's Armoury is located near the Bleak Falls Barrow (map marker and a screenshot as a map) between Riverwood and Whiterun. The Armoury is a shop selling my unique items. It also contains crafting tools, storage and “houses”.

-----How to get the items?----- -----

Go to the armoury and buy them. Items are sold at different levels, so you cannot buy high level weapons too early. This is why some merchants might have empty lists. They won’t sell at mid night even if they stand there.
Weapons can be forged (and sharpened), if you have the skills. All the crafting tools are available at the armoury.
Weapons can be found randomly all around and on bandits (leveled).


The Merchant selling the Fine items also sells Keys -or at least casts for the keys because people in Skyrim don't know how to sell keys. When you buy the cast for a key, you will need in addition an iron/steel/silver ingot to craft it at the forge/anvil.
These keys will unlock different parts of the armoury:

-Key to Forge Chests:
Unlocks two chests at the forge area, which could be used to store ore, ingots, leather etc.
-Key to Storage Tower:
This is a beginner level storage area containing 6 containers, 1 mannequin, 7 weapon racks, 5 weapon plaques and 5 shield plaques. It is located near the entrance for quick access.
-Key to Arcane Chamber:
A Mage themed apartment with alchemy & enchantment tools, 2 mannequins, weaponracks, display cases, containers and respawning ingredients.
-Key to Archery Range :
A rogue/ranger themed apartment with an archery range, containers, mannequins, weapon racks, display cases … a secret alchemy lab for assassins and a hidden treasury/armoury for thieves.

Buy all keys to have one big apartment complex!

-----Collector's Edition Stuff----------

Andragorn's Armoury Unlimited Collectors Edition eBook (pdf) contains sketches, drawings and digital paintings is available as well as Andragorn's Armoury Wallpaper pack 1080p.
Both of which can be downloaded (free) from the links at the right side of

-----Items in the Mod-----------

Current Item Setts (and a comparable material):

-Fine weapons (daedric)
-Lohkrmil (ebony)
-Araentaliorn Barony (Glass)
-Sylarntorian (elven)
-Araentaliorn (Dwemer)
-Irdewirium (orcish)
-Flimsy weapons (iron-steel)

----- Installation-----

Installation: Stuff go under the data-folder.
Uninstallation: Stuff go away from the data-folder.

Or just let the mod managers do the job for you.

------ Other notes-----

I do not take requests, orders or demands. Thanks.
If mannequins are weird, do an internet search for "Skyrim mannequin fix".

----- Terms of Use-----

1. You may use the new weapons and armour in this mod in any way you want,
without having to ask for permission, as long as you give me credit
(copy-paste: "Andragorn's Armoury") for my hard work,
and it all stays within Skyrim-modding.
2. For modding Skyrim only.
3. Give me credit.
4. Do not upload this mod to other sites.

----- Updatelist -----

1 - Irdewirium weapons
2 - Sylarntorian and Lohkrmil weapons and a map marker
3 - New Armoury, buyable storage and home, fixed the axe-blood
4 - Araentaliorn Bow & Flimsy Araentaliorn Bow
5 - Irdewirium bows