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This mod adds a Soul Trap dagger and some Black Soul Gems to the mage prisoner in Helgen Keep, to give an early start to an enchanter character.

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I like to play as an enchanter (there are some who call me Tim), but in the early game, your Conjuration skill is too low to cast Soul Trap, and finding a Soul Trap weapon is very unlikely.

So to celebrate Skyrim's 8th anniversay, I published this simple mod to the workshop, and now add it to the Nexus. It adds a Soul Trap dagger and some Black Soul Gems to the mage prisoner in Helgen Keep. I leave it to your imagination where he was hiding them from his captors. There are additional black soul gems hidden elsewhere in the keep. Finally, I added another iron dagger with a custom enchantment -- Soul Trap, Absorb Health, and Absorb Stamina -- somewhere else in Helgen Keep. In my opinion, this combination is the ultimate melee weapon enchantment. See the screen shots for hints on locations. AT low levels, you'll want to tag your target with the soul trap weapon, then finish him or her off with something else, so you don't drain its charges too fast. I gave the Soul Trap dagger a long duration for this purpose.

You can get all these items in or prior to the prison room, so you can harvest a lot of souls from the Imperials who are arguing whether to wait for Gen Tullius, and get a good start on your enchanting skills. You are basically preventing some bad people from reaching Sovngarde so that you can have colorfully-glowing equipment.

This mod goes well with BIG: Soul Gem Mining, and a nice Chianti.

This mod may conflict with other mods that add things to certain containers in Helgen Keep. If you don't want to wait until Whiterun to find an enchanting table, look in the basement of Anise's house across the river from the Guardian Stones.