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Skyrim has many many opions for naked guys...but this game totally lacks an improved lovre friendly and SEAMLESS version of the male here is the copy i use in my game.

Permissions and credits

This is a complete lore friendly MALE body mod with:
High poly hands (i mean more than vanilla but not crazily high poly, somethign balanced)
- Vanilla Compatibility ( YES it's a NON-NUDE body replacer)
- SEAMLESS (with psds resources too)
- Merged with Better Male Feet (already included and improved), with ALL of the VANILLA MALE SHOES (where feet are visible) converted,and with fixed ankle gaps. (Fixed skeleton Mismatch that caused a gap on the male feet.)

I included a set of prebuilt textures based on skysight (with seamfixes for the vanilla male body).
A modified version of the vanilla male body (with hopefully better proportions) and underwear courtesy of imperator and neo
Face texture are also heavily lore friendly and based off the vanilla dlc texture pack with some (MANY) improvements taked from shingles cat lovely's male faces.
However since not everybodyplays vanilla you can download the high poly hand and the feet meshes separately.

Additionally you can download PSDS to add the feet meshes or the neckseam fixes to whatever body and faceyou want...but be careful a bit of experiance is required.

-Why is it non nude?
Because there are so many nude body replacers already.This is an alternative for those who like the vanilla body and the simplicity of it.

For Beast race support i recomment: or something similar.

-What about that charcter in screenshots?
That is a custom headmesh with custom morphs.
Headmesh is based on high poly head by dizona.
Textures are this mod + younger faces.


Fading Signal > Sky SIght Skin Texture and for being extra kind <3
Shingles Cat <3 > SC Men Faces whos normalmap are amazing.
MagicNakor > Better Male Feet
Imperator3 > Mens Underwear replacer (+ neovinci and baron david)
Letho0036 and Dizona > specularmaps + Head texture in younger version :
Artsick > eye fix
Urshi >specularmap
Bethesda for hd dlc

If i forgot someone please contact me...i am under a lot of stress trying to release everythign before i move from this pc.
please be patient-

You can use\modify\fix this mod freely, EXCEPT the younger face version,since you need original autor permission to use that.