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Adds deathblow sound from Sekiro to some of Skyrim's killmoves.

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Adds deathblow sound from Sekiro to some of Skyrim's killmoves.

More precisely it adds sound to 14 killmoves :

Twirl, Trip, Slash
Chest Stab
Grab Stab
Stab Slash
Stab Down Chest
Jump Stab
Grapple Stab
Stab Up Face
Knee, Grab, Stab
Knee, Flip, Stab
Bash, Flip, Slash

2H, all above and 2H Unique ones :

Stab Lift Up
2H Decapitate

As for the reason why I don't add it to all... During testing I have noticed that some sounds that are being played during few specific killmoves, are also shared by normal attacks, so there was a chance of sound playing outside of killmoves.

 Note that I did not test a unique ones for warhammers/battleaxes as I never really use them in my game. So maybe it works for some of them too.

Anyways if you have VioLens installed, you have list of working ones here. You can disable all and then only enable working ones, or if it doesn't bother you that some of the performed killmoves will have that sound and some won't, leave it as you like.

Recommended mods to enhance killmoves :

While in Skyrim there's still no way to have an unlocked camera during killmoves, there are few mods that we can use to make them feel more impactful.

1. VioLens - A Killmove Mod

2. Enhanced Blood Textures 

3.Enhaced Blood Splash from Hunter's Essence - (no need to grab main mod, just get blood splash)

4. Agony A Killmove Mod - Personally I feel like VATS is too much after a while, while non VATS gets quite boring after a while. This mod utilizes both. Killmoves will start in VATS for like a second and after that it will switch to non VATS.

IMPORTANT: If you're going to use it along VioLens, load VioLens after Agony and then set VioLens like THIS

Camera View : 3rd Person Static
Camera Settings : 3P SLOWMO OFF

Those settings will allow Agony to work alongside VioLens

5. Killcam blur removal - does what's in title except that we're going to use it for opposite effect. You can edit it's esp to do the opposite, so basically to add more blur to killcams(blur's active only during VATS phase). Luckly this mod has free to use permission, so I don't need to explain how to do it. Already modified esp by me is included in optional files.


Immersive Sounds - Compendium
 by lazyskeever - I have mixed Sekiro sounds with the killmove sounds from this mod instead of vanilla ones, since these turned out to be a bit louder and more gory. Free to use all permissions.

 Killcam blur removal by tristan1974 - Free to use all permissions

FromSoftware for sound effect - Allowed to use for non commercial purposes