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This mod is an attempt to solve the curious issue that apparently every semi-competent merchant and college professor and petty necromancer has access to mage's robes that are vastly more powerful than anything an enchanter even at Enchanting 100 (without extra effect perk) can create. Ultimately it will also adress the issue of unenchanted robes and hoods only being available in a very limited assortment.

This mod was mainly created for myself and is also my second attempt at fixing this particular issue. The previous attempt (see here: Link ) brought some end game balance issues with it that imo do not arise with this mod.

This mod adds a new perk called "Magic Weaving" to the Enchanting tree. The perk is available at an enchanting level of 10 and has only the first "Enchanter" perk as a requirement.

The perk itself has only one rank and will enable the player to craft robes at the tanning rack (it seemed more fitting than the forge or the smelter and has the nice effect of not leveling the smithing skill). The power of the enchanted robes is dependent on the Enchanting Skill of the player, i.e. at 10 Enchanting the player can craft Novice Robes, at 25 he can craft Apprentice Robes etc.

Currently crafting a robe requires:

Basic Robes: (no enchantment)
- 4x Linen Wrap*
- 2x Leather Strips

Mage Robes: (Fortify Magicka Regeneration enchantment)
- 4x Linen Wrap*
- 2x Leather Strips
- 1x Greater Soul Gem (filled)

Mage Robes: (Fortify & Fortify Magicka Regeneration enchantment)
- 4x Linen Wrap*
- 2x Leather Strips
- 1x Grand Soul Gem (filled)
- 1-5x Harvested Ingredient**
- 1-5x Dropped Ingredient**

*(Misc Item that can for example be found in Draugr inhabited ruins)

**The amount of alchemical ingredients needed depends on the power of the enchantment, which specific ingredients are needed depends on the magic school that should be fortied, e.g. Destruction = Ectoplasm & Nightshade)

Currently only the college style robes and no hoods are available, but I intend to implement a "reverse tailoring" that allows the player to learn patterns from found loot or receive new patterns as quest rewards, e.g. Greybeard or Mythic Dawn Robes (this refers to quests that are already in game, I'm not creative or skilled enough to implement my own quests)

Summary of Features:


Master Robes of Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction & Illusion
- to enchantment values 25% and 150% respectively // (Vanilla: 20-22% and 150%)
I am not sure why, but for some reason all robes except the "Master Robes of Restoration" seemed to break the scaling rule when it came to the Fortify enchantment. While all Robes had similar respective values at the lower levels, the master level robes all had different levels that were also not consistent with the values that could be achieved by an enchanter at the equivalent level. Thus, I changed it.


35 new Recipes for the Tanning Rack

Divided into three Categories and 5 Levels:
- Basic Novice-Master Mage Robes
- Novice-Master Robes
- Novice-Master Robes of

Planned for future Releases:

- Reverse tailoring other robes

- Receiving new recipes by completing quests

- Hoods, Gloves and Boots (possibly with otherwise unattainable enchantments, e.g. Absorb Magic)

- "Beyond Master Level" Recipes becoming available at 100 Enchanting combined with 100 skill

- Craftable Scrolls

Just extract the .esp-file into your "...\Skyrim\Data\" folder and select it via the 'Data' option in the Launcher.

(I think everybody knows how to do that really)


Probably does NOT work with other mods that modify the Enchanting Perk Tree (not tested).

Should run fine with everything that doesn't touch the "EnchCollegeRobes05" that i modified, but I am not running too many mods so I can't be 100% sure.

If the mod does modify that enchanment you can also just make this mod run first so that the enchantment effect is overwritten.

It does for example run smoothly with Proper Magic Robe Enchantments, which also changes that specific enchantment effect (among others)


I have some trouble making my own screenshots for some reason, so if you downloaded and are using this, I would appreciate it if you could take a quick screenshot of the crafting Menu with the new recipes and upload it here.