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A project aimed at improving the interiors of Skyrim into something more unique.

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Better Innteriors
Better Inneriors is a project that aims to improve the interior cells of the inns and taverns of Skyrim.

As is, in game many of the miscellaneous inns are similar, if not the same, interior as every other one. Whether you're in Sleeping Giant Inn, Windspeak Inn, or Frostfruit, they all have a single fireplace with one two separate rooms.
Better Innteriors aims to refurbish the stale interiors to something visual distinct. THIS PROJECT DOES NOT PLAN TO EDIT EXTERIORS as to keep as mods that effect town's and hold's layout compatible as possible. This is a work in progress project, with individual Inn files being released as they're completed.

Please recommend which interior you would like to see next! or report any issues you encounter and I'll see what I can do to help solve it.

An optional file has also been included that adds doors to the rooms of all inns. For privacy, of course.
-Thank you to Hyrdrangea1992 for the suggestion.

New merged esp file added
-A massive "Thank you" to Jarl_Ballin89 for both the merged esp but for also his port to for all Xbox users!

Completed Inns
  • Frostfruit Inn
  • Old Hroldan Inn
  • Moorside Inn
  • The Frozen Hearth
  • Windpeak Inn
  • Nightgate Inn
  • Four Shields Tavern
  • Vilemyr Inn
  • Braidwood Inn
  • Dead Man's Drink
  • Sleeping Giant Inn

Now on Special Edition

Notes, Updates, and Plans:
  • Added a Better Innterior Collection with the 1.0 version of all inns, with doors add on in optional file.
  • Standalone files moved into Miscellaneous File section
  • Sleeping Giant's Inn does not currently have a Door Add-on due to the inn already having doors.

Visual Mods Used in Screenshots: Enhanced Lighting and Effects, Static Mesh Improvement Mod, and Noble Skyrim.