Swarm Spell by Khulse
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Added: 17/02/2012 - 05:20PM
Updated: 20/02/2012 - 02:59PM

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Last updated at 14:59, 20 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 17:20, 17 Feb 2012

Just a simple little mod. It makes the spriggan's swarm spray ability available as a player spell. There are five versions, one for each strength of destruction spell. It's available for sale wherever destruction spells are sold (I put it in the destruction spell leveled lists)

The spell is poison, so it does not work on undead and the like. It also shouldn't affect non-hostile characters. To instal, just put it in your Skyrim data folder and make sure its clicked in the data files screen. To uninstall, just delete the .esp file.

Note: The spell has been tested for balance only at the lower levels. If it seems weak to you at higher levels, let me know.

Incompatibilities: Possibly anything that modifies the leveled lists for destruction spell tombs, but I don't know.

Bugs: None known yet.

2-20-12: I added an optional file that makes the spell look more like insects. To install it, extract then drop the textures folder into your Skyrim data folder. To remove, go to skyrim/data/textures/effects and delete This will revert your game to the original in the Skyrim BSA