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Slow effects from poisons and frost damage will not only lower the movement speed of the afflicted, but their attack speed as well. Uses both a SKSE scripted and dummy spell implementation to get around the pitfalls of the attack speed actor values, and should work with the various attack speed fixes.

Permissions and credits
This mod was originally created for Skyrim SE by Migck and released with open permission. From the original mod page:

"It seems kinda common for ARPGS using the "fire frost shock" elemental trifecta for frost to slow down the afflicted's speed of his various actions. Skyrim does implement something like that, and its various frost magical items use a hidden "Slow" effect also lowering the movement speed of the target by 50% for a few seconds, plus a few alchemical effects also doing such. What'd be missing from it would be attack speed, for both the right and left hands, but due to the bonkers way in which the game controls these stats, this was not really straightforward to implement.

So what I've done is make my first contact with the papyrus scripting system into a project to work around this limitation. The various Slow effects now use a custom script which allows them to also lower the weapon speed multipliers of their target by the same factor that their movement speed is. So by default, all frost magic items and spells in the game will make the targets move and attack 50% slower than usual, adjusted for resistances. This includes the player character of course, so now frost damage is something a melee character might want to especially avoid. And Slow poisons have a little more use, allowing to get the upper hand when trading blows.

Some magic items in the game have also been patched, namely, the various instances of the Ice Storm spell were using frost damage over an area of effect of 15 feet, but the attached slow effect only worked on a direct hit. The spells, scroll and staff enchantment versions of Ice Storm will now also slow all targets caught in the area.

The script can recognize whether the target's right or left attack speed value is above 0 or not in order to decide whether to use a fortification or drain to it when the magic effects take hold, and uses SKSE functions to dynamically adjust the chosen dummy spells to the needed magnitude to achieve the desired results. This should ensure it works correctly when using mods that fix the attack speed base values on actors, like Attack Speed Fix.

HOWEVER, do note that the attack speed AVs have no effect on unarmed combat. It can only alter the speed of actual weapon swings, so creatures and humanoids that fight with their limbs or other 'fake' weapons will not be affected by this mod's features. Not much to do about it that I can think of, sorry.

This mod edits several magic effects to attach the new script to, as such it will likely be incompatible with other mods altering those in any way, and only magic spells and items using the regular game's Slow effects can benefit from the added features to it. However other mods' magic effects can be patched with the included script if needed be.
The script also incorporates fixes related to altering the SpeedMult value of actors, like the Frost Magic BugFixes and Ordinator mods also do. You can load this mod after Ordinator with no issue. The fix will update the afflicted's speed multiplier so that they cannot keep their momentum after Slow starts affecting them, and will also prevent it from reaching 0 and move as if at 100% speed, capping the minimum speed multiplier at 1.

The mod also alters a few magic items with a new AoE Slow effect as described. SSEdit can be used to spot any conflicts. Drop the contents in your Data folder and activate MigSlowAtk.esp to install."