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back from the oblivion crisis to bring chaos once again to Tamriel.

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Port to SSE thanks to Nateguy

An old acquaintance of the oblivion crisis, the lizard spits fire, servant of Molag Bal and Merhunes Dagon,
the daedroth the great crocodile-like daedra, able to split a man in two and fight a dragon.

There are two variants the "classical" daedroth and the daedroth of oblivion

Now also featuring a Daedroth boss based on the ones featured in Elder Scrolls Online.

To summon the daedroths you will have to buy the spells from the conjurer found at the top of the entrance of the College of Winterhold

One of the things I didn't like so much about skyrim was the removal of most of the daedras, especially the daedroth,
one of my favorites and in my opinion the most baddass.
Thanks to DakersOwO for helping me upload this new version of the mod.
I thank Carrie Talbot for covering the mod :)