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The mod significantly reworks the parameters and abilities of all game races, changing them to passive, more useful ones.

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Now the choice of the game race really affects your style of play, now it is more difficult to become a "Jack of all trades", each race has unique racial abilities given to them from their origin. Some races are better at magic, some are better at navigating the water and can more effectively restore their health, and some are more excellent at weapons and are an excellent warrior.

The original idea was to implement such abilities that would not violate the original ENT of the TES game universe, making the maximum variety for each race. First of all, I drew inspiration from part of the series, The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind.
  The mod is absolutely "clean", without scripts and unnecessary load on the system, all passive abilities will also work on NPC. In order for the NPC to have active abilities (berserk and light), you need to put combat mods, such as
Revenge of the enemies.

+++ Argonian

Swamp dweller: Argonians can breathe underwater and swim 150% faster, slowly regenerating in the water.
Thick skin: Argonians take 15% less damage from daggers, one-handed and two-handed swords, axes, and axes.
Natural immunity: Your Argonian blood makes you immune to poisons.
Natural immunity: Your Argonian blood gives you 50% resistance to disease.
The gift of the Hist: You are additionally due for regeneration by 1 health per second.

Health - 100
Magic - 80
Stamina - 120
Portable weight - 115
Fist damage - 10
Basic health regeneration - 0.4
Basic magic regeneration - 1.1%
Basic power reserve regeneration - 1.6%

+++ High Elf

High origin: Altmers have 50 additional magic units.
High origin: Altmers regenerate magic 25% faster.
High origin: Your blood reduces your magic resistance by 20%.
All spells require 5% less magic.

Health - 90
Magic - 130
Stamina - 80 
Portable weight - 120
Fist damage - 5
Basic health regeneration - 0.3
Basic magic regeneration - 2.0%
Basic power reserve regeneration - 1.5%

+++ Wood Elf

Disease resistance: your Bosmer blood gives you 75% disease resistance.
Stealth: Your skill makes you 15% less visible.
Marksman: Arrow attacks deal 5% more damage to targets that are further than 50 steps. The further the target, the more damage. (maximum damage increase of 20%).
Language of the beast: Forest elves are excellent trainers, spending 50 points of magic and stamina, you can tame a predatory animal for 90 seconds.

Health - 90
Magic - 100
Stamina - 110 
Portable weight - 100
Fist damage - 5
Basic health regeneration - 0.35
Basic magic regeneration - 1.05%
Basic power reserve regeneration - 1.65%

+++ Dark Elf

Fire resistance: Your Dunmer blood gives you 35% fire resistance.
Ancestral legacy: the ancestors bequeathed to the Dunmer the ability to handle the fire element more effectively, fire spells are 10% more powerful.
Expert of short blades: on the battlefield, dunmers are famous for their precise and skillful interaction with weapons, and the damage from one-handed weapons is increased by 10%.
Light: once a day, for 60 seconds, opponents who come too close receive 8 points of fire damage per second, while you are illuminated by the flame, you have a 50% chance to avoid any enemy attack.

Health - 100
Magic - 100
Stamina - 100 
Portable weight - 110
Fist damage - 7
Basic health regeneration - 0.35
Basic magic regeneration - 1.25%
Basic power reserve regeneration - 1.6%

+++ Redguard

Nomadic spirit: Your Redguard blood gives you 50% resistance to poisons, diseases, and paralysis.
Sprint: Redguard sprint is 20% faster and uses much less stamina.
Desert training: Redguards have good stamina and are less tired in combat, stamina consumption for power attacks is reduced by 20%.
Fine art: Attacks with any weapon are 15% faster.

Health - 100
Magic - 70
Stamina - 130 
Portable weight - 115
Fist damage - 7
Basic health regeneration - 0.4
Basic magic regeneration - 1.0%
Basic power reserve regeneration - 1.65%

+++ Imperial

Voice of the Empire: your charming speeches allow you to convince your interlocutor 15% more effectively.
Voice of the Empire: your charming speech allows you to purchase products 15% cheaper.
Imperial luck: wherever you can find gold, the Imperials somehow manage to find a little more. (an increase of about +20%).
Human spirit: Imperials start with 2 additional skill points.
Legionnaire: Military training allows Imperials to better handle the shield, while blocking absorbs 15% more damage.

Health - 105
Magic - 90
Stamina - 105 
Portable weight - 120
Fist damage - 7
Basic health regeneration - 0.4
Basic magic regeneration - 1.1%
Basic power reserve regeneration - 1.9%

+++ Breton

Dragon skin: Breton blood gives you a 15% chance to absorb the spell, replenishing your magic.
Magic resistance: Breton blood gives 20% magic resistance.
Innate connection to magic: Breton have 25 additional magic units.
Skilled warlock: spells Applied to weapons and armor are 10% more powerful.
Instinctive magic skills: Reduces the cost of recharging staffs and weapon enchantments by one-quarter.

Health - 90
Magic -120
Stamina - 90 
Portable weight -105
Fist damage - 6
Basic health regeneration -0.3
Basic magic regeneration -1.3%
Basic power reserve regeneration -1.5%

+++ Kajiit

Claws: kajit's Claws deal 20 more damage. Power attacks with claws deal additional damage equal to 25% of the base power reserve.
Feline agility: the Khajiit are moving 10% faster.
Muffling footsteps: moving kajit make 25% less noise.
Night eye: Night vision for 60 seconds, unlimited number of times a day.

Health - 90
Magic - 90
Stamina - 120 
Portable weight - 110
Fist damage - 11
Basic health regeneration - 0.3
Basic magic regeneration - 1.0%
Basic power reserve regeneration - 1.65%

+++ Nord

Resistance to frost: Your Nord blood gives you 35% resistance to cold.
Child of the sky: Nords are able to use the Tu'um voice more often, and the time between shouts is reduced by 15%.
Culture of peoples: Whatever people do, they will certainly know a lot about different kinds of weapons and armor, and the handling of weapons and armor is 10% more effective.

Health - 115
Magic - 70
Stamina - 115 
Portable weight - 125
Fist damage - 8
Basic health regeneration - 0.5
Basic magic regeneration - 1.05%
Basic power reserve regeneration - 1.65%

+++ Orc

Blacksmith traditions: As the most talented blacksmiths in all of Tamriel, orcs can improve weapons and armor 20% better.
Bull: the Orc's Impressive size gives you a 25% chance to resist being stunned by power attacks and flat-out strikes.
Heavyweight: the orcs ' Strong physique allows them to carry more items, carrying weight is increased by 25 units.
Berserk rage: for those who are Rested, donating 25% of their current health can dramatically increase their damage by double for 60 seconds and reduce the damage they receive by a quarter. (The ability is recharged during sleep).

Health - 130
Magic - 60
Stamina - 110 
Portable weight - 125
Fist damage - 9
Basic health regeneration - 0.5
Basic magic regeneration - 1.0%
Basic power reserve regeneration - 1.7%

Skyrim Last version.

It is recommended to start a new game, you can play on the old saves, but then the parameters of health/magic / endurance/load capacity and regeneration will remain the same.

The mod is not compatible with all mods that change parameters, abilities, perks of races.

Revenge of the enemies.
Combat Evolved Full (or another that significantly increases the damage from the poison effect and negative spells).

If you like my work, you can support me directly on a voluntary basis.
Paypal: [email protected]