Master Destruction Staves by TuCoT
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Added: 17/02/2012 - 04:56PM
Updated: 18/02/2012 - 11:26AM

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Hi guys. Here's my another little mod. Basically, I've added 3 new Destruction staves with 3 Master destruction spells on it.

Staff of Firestorm (Fire and Forget)
Staff of Blizzard (Fire and Forget, but you must cast on an enemy's body to trigger Blizzard Hazard)
Staff of Lightning Storm (Concentrated)

The difference between Master Destruction spells, these staves doesn't need a charge time, so you can use them as lesser Destruction staves, just hold left mouse button for a 0.5 second, then release!

You can watch my video showing this, in Video section of this mod. In my video, spell magnitude on my staves are higher than vanilla because I'm using my own spell scaling mod, so this staves are compatible with spell scaling mods.

Also, Intense Flames, Deep Freeze and Disintegrate perks works well with these staves when you acquire them.

Just copy MasterDestructionStaves.esp file to your Skyrim/Data directory:

To acquire them: I've added them all to vendor list but I didn't tested this so maybe you can't find them in vendors, in this case: you can type "help staff 4" (without quotes) in console to see my new staves' id's.