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With this mod installed, guards will keep their armor and gear from Guards Armor Replacer after the civil war.

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This is a patch for the mod Guards Armor Replacer made by NordwarUA and uploaded by DanielUA.

Have you downloaded Guards Armor Replacer and noticed that after the civil war, guards lose their gear to become imperial or stormcloak soldiers? If that's the case, then this mod was made for you. A lot of people requested a mod like this one, so I took the responsibility upon my shoulders to provide you all with this long awaited patch. Before I say anything else, I just wanted everyone to know that I got permission from the original author before uploading this patch. Here's what this mod does:

- Guards keep their armor, weapons and names after the civil war
- Stormcloaks now wear the different variants of rebel armor and gear during the civil war quests and sieges
- A few other things, such as typos in the markarth gear and more were also fixed

Important message to those who side with the Stormcloaks, you may encounter a bug after the attack of Whiterun where you can't report to Ulfric and the Whiterun and Dragonsreach icons won't be shown on your map. To avoid this bug, you must walk to the Whiterun City Gate from Dragonsreach about a minute after Balgruff surrendered. Only after exiting Whiterun through the city gate on foot will you be able to fast travel to Windhelm. This will fix your issue. I cannot patch this and the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch does not fix this issue.

To install the mod, simply extract the files from the archive then drag the esp file from the folder into your data folder. If you don't want to install the mod manually, you can use Vortex or the Nexus Mod Manager. 

If you install this mod in the middle of a playthrough, make sure you type in the command resetinventory or resurrect if necessary. 

I hope you will enjoy this patch!