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This little mod adds a Shipwreck north of Dawnstar, it is easy reachable through a map marker. Its free to use as homebase for any adventurer.

Currently the mod has 7 areas that are used:
Shipwreck bow with upper, mid and lower deck.
Shipwreck rear with upper, mid and lower deck.
Further the seventh area is atop the icebergs.

What the areas contain:

Shipwreck bow upper deck:
Here you can find a common dining table and a bench to rest, further you will see a tanning rack and cooking spot.
Shipwreck bow mid deck:
This deck contains a small libary with 4 shelves(all are scripted bookshelves) and a reading corner. You will also see an enchanting and alchemy table together with shelves and storage here.
Shipwreck bow lower deck:
On this deck there is only the cargo bay of the wreck, 4 empty treasure chests and about 10-20 barrels.

Shipwreck rear upper deck:
On the outside you will see ladders with which you can reach the top of the icebergs. Inside is a bedroom with storage area, weapon plaque and two manneqins.
Shipwreck rear mid deck:
Here you can see a training area, for closed and ranged combat. Furthermore a big area to display various of your weapons, you will find display cases, dagger display cases, weapon racks, weapon plaques and mannequins.
Shipwreck rear lower deck:
This is something like a weapon storage, here are 10 weapon rackets to store your favorite killing tools. Also you will find here a small row boat, but just as furnish.

Atop the icebergs:
On the iceberg are 2 interesting things, first a small camp with tent, bedroll and campfire. It can be used for your followers as resting place. The second thing is a full smithing area, which has everything a good blacksmith needs.
If you look carefully around you can find out what happened to the crew of the ship and why the ship is here!

Thanks for using my mod to every subscribers.

Please report all bugs to me, if you have ideas how to improve this mod you can also contact me or write a comment!

The mod is now all cleaned up and should only affect things that are around the outside cell it is built up!

This mod can also be found on Steamworkshop, using the same name.

Please endorse it if you liked it and if you don't liked it I would appreciate constructive critics.