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Adds Flaming Bows, Blades and Arrows to Skyrim
Custom standalone Fire Effects and Meshes

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"Get Yourself some of that there Dwemer Oil, that stuff burns forever!"

     A few millennia since the disappearance of the Dwemer and yet their machines are running and fires are still burning. The oil seems to be a fairly common resource even now if you are willing to rip apart some Dwemer Constructs or get lucky enough to find it at your local Alchemist. There are more uses for it than alchemical it is oil after all. If you dip your blades and arrows into the oil, once ignited it will burn until the user snuffs out the flame. This means you have found yourself wind and waterproof flaming weapons.

     Right? Now you are wondering why we haven't been Oil dipping and giving into our Pyromania this whole time Maybe just burn it all? No that's all you, firebug. For real though, get your behind over to any forge and make yourself some gear. All recipes require dwarven oil and no I'm not giving you any from my stash.
Recipes Included: All are craft-able with their respective material crafting and arcane smithing perks.
Oil Rigged Bows - Each bow comes with a custom rig for lighting arrows, in three material variants
(Iron, Dwarven, Ebony) 
which of course vary in strength.
Oil Dipped Arrows - Comes in material variants listed above as well as flaming or explosive 
Oil Dipped Blades -  There are 5 different blades, Dagger, Sword, Katana, Greatsword, and Mighty Greatsword for those of you that have my Mighty Weapons mod or just have a bigger sword.
Oil Dipping Gear - If you want to dip your own blade or bow you will need to use the weapons crafted above and take them over to the ………………. enchanting table.
      Yes, that is correct just when you think you don't have to look at another enchanting table for your fiery needs. Maybe it is the magical essence leftover or something in the nature of the oil and its unique relationship with Soul Gems but it allows us to remove the magical oil and or rig from the bows and blades and endlessly apply them with Soul Gems. I know sounds a lot like an enchantment but never need to recharge as the oil burns forever.
      I am sorry to say that the patented oil dipped quiver and arrows tech cannot be applied to other arrows but between the three colors I am sure you can find a color that goes with your gear.

Iron Dagger Replacer- Even with BSW or DeLARP the Iron dagger remains the saddest of the lot being the smallest of the vanilla craftable vanilla daggers. The new model makes the dagger a quality starting weapon.   

     Bows regularly have the rig attached and just the fire goes out when sheathed. Enchanting though the whole rig disappears when sheathed and comes back when drawn. Upon impact, the arrow will go out/stop animating after 5 seconds unless another arrow is fired or the arrow in question is in an enemy. 

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