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Share your unique ideas! (4 comments)

  1. Titansbane
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    Have a fresh idea for an enchantment? Feel free to share, and it may become a reality.
  2. 9259636
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    An idea for an animal-related enchantment: Upon killing an animal, the weapon or armor will not only increase damage against said animal but will begin to evolve in relation to that animal's traits. For example, if you kill a sabercat, then the artifact will provide a 10% damage increase vs Sabre Cats for 2 hours & increase the attack speed of either the weapon itself or if apparel, your weapon in-hand. The more the weapon kills Sabre Cats the more the artifact's bonuses increase until a threshold is hit, where the weapon evolves, absorbing the qualities of the animal completely. Now whether stacks are permanent or fade over time allowing you to change paths is another story to consider since the rigging for this idea would be quite extensive since you'd have to consider not only stacks in general, but individual stacks, decay rate, and whether each evolution is permanent or whether each evolution is bound to a single form or able to branch out (EX: You have [Placeholder name] and you kill enough mammoths for the object to evolve again to have the bonuses of saber cats & mammoths). Hmm, actually creating an evolution tree for each animal might be even more potent as you wouldn't be restricted to watching which animal you'd kill to transform the artifact you can just go on a rampage of animal slaying to evolve the artifact completely.
  3. firstruler
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    Kahvozein's Fang:Ignoring the dragon's armor, killing the dragon with this weapon can harvest new materials such as dragon heart.
    Halldir's Staff:Force the target to stop fighting and release the soul trap. If the target is the summoned unit, gain control.
    Bolar's Oath blade:When fighting alone, an unblocked attack will frighten the surrounding enemies for 3 seconds except for the hit targets.
    Spider Control Rod:If you hold this staff, you will not be actively attacked by dwarven machines.
    Firiniel's End:Eliminate the noise when shooting. If you kill the target in a stealth state, the surrounding NPC will watch the corpse, just like watching the corpse of a giant dragon. Instead of looking for the killer.
  4. Ne0s1s
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    Could you improve the enchantment on the Poacher's Axe? Perhaps increasing the amount of damage it does to animals to 5 or 10 (maybe more)? Maybe the damage it does to animals could increase depending on the amount of animals killed by it, or maybe it could cause bleed damage to animals instead?

    Also, would it be possible to add a unique enchantment to The Woodsman's Friend? Perhaps an enchantment that reduces enemy armor rating, or increases the wielder's armor rating? It would also be nice if it had the same swing speed as other battleaxes.