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Increases flight speed and flattens trajectory

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Just a quick mod I put together using TESsnip.

I've increased the speed of arrows in flight, though not a huge amount and slightly reduced the effect of gravity on them. The result is faster arrows with a flatter trajectory.

This means you don't have to aim 6 feet above your target to hit it and arrows are much harder to miss (and dodge!) with.

I recommend adding these lines to Skyrim.ini in your documents/my games/skyrim/ directory:


The first line under [Actor] increases the distance your arrows can fly (no more disappearing arrows!)

The other two lines shift the point of aim to the center of the aiming reticle (with this setting you'll hit targets dead on where you aim at around 100 feet (rough guess), the arrow

begins to drop after that. But feel free to experiment with what suits you.

I've made 4 esp files to suit different tastes. Each increases the arrow flight speed by the percentage in the name, ex. FasterArrows50.esp increases the speed by %50. I've also fixed the

name issue when picking up missed arrows. Enjoy! :)