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This mod adds a unique ornate Nordic style late game sword, for those of you who want a believable and authentic looking weapon. Heavily influenced by the real swords of the Viking age while using Elderscrolls materials and lore. A preview of the quality that can be expected from Beyond Skyrim: Roscrea.

Permissions and credits
This mod is serves as small peek to show the style and quality of the Roscrea project. This is only a single sword obtained through a simple fetch quest (I’m an asset guy, not in implementation usually so expect better quests), but the sword is an excellent choice for late game 1h sword players who would like a weapon that feels more authentically Nordic instead of an abstract or crude looking weapon like most high level options. This weapon is lore friendly and balanced, this is not an ultimate best sword in the game, but good enough to be a contender as a main weapon.
While the base damage is slightly below an ebony sword, the unique “bear strength” enchantment fortifies your raw physical damage above the base damage of any other one handed sword, it also swings slightly faster due to its lighter Mithril construction (it is also by far the lightest high-level sword). It is temperable, This can be done so with a silver ingot if the player has the Daedric smithing and arcane smithing perks.

Note: All images were taken in Skyrim Special Edition which by default has better shadows and ambient occlusion.

To Obtain
The Sleeping Giant Inn in RIverwood, Ognar has a book with the backstory that will give background and the quest to find it to his right on the bar. The book can be found in a few other places, The Blue Palace in the throne room area, Bard's college on a table near the entrance to the library area and a few more spots. Read the book first to find it, reading it after finding it (which is difficult but not theoretically impossible) may leave an un-ending quest in your list.

Merge contents of the “The Lost Roscrean Blade” folder with your data folder.


Don’t worry about the enchantment, it just works! It doesn’t display in active effects because it works by perk. To verify it works, un equip the sword, move your cursor off of it and look at the damage rating (without perks this should be 12). Re-equip, move your cursor off, then back on and you will see that the damage has gone up, I think to 16. Let me know if it still isn't working for some reason, I tested this all out prior to release. You can also equip another one hander in your off hand to make the most of your bear-strength!
Book Contents/ Backstory

The Lost Blade of Roscrea

Remus Epispadius
Scribe of Solitude

According to legend the chiefs of the Bear Cult of Roscrea wielded a magnificent sword of mithril, gold and garnet. The stories of its enchantment vary, but most refer to it giving the strength of a bear to the wielder.

In the reign of Uriel V, an Imperial invasion of Roscrea occurred, ending in a tenuous peace, with concessions from the Natives in exchange for a greater degree of autonomy. Among these was the surrender of this sword, a trophy for the halls of the proud Emperor,to confirm his latest wave of conquests were successful.
To the Roscreans however, this term was unacceptable, viewed as a symbolic castration by the Chief, who had fiercely defended the island. He was loathe to relinquish his weapon, as well as to face challenges to his rule from within that would surely result of this. Scoffing at this term, he ordered a replica made, designating that this weapon should be given in place of the true sword of his ancestors. Although merely a false copy, in order for it to convince the Imperials, it was made with exceptional craftsmanship and could still far outshine and outfight most items in the Emperor's own armory. An imitation of the original enchantment was imbued, though by all accounts lesser and simpler. The original weapon has not been seen since this time, either suggesting that it was lost as well, or that the stories of a replica are little more than gossip of a previous century.

No blade ever reached the Emperor however. On the voyage to the mainland of Tamriel, the ship carrying it was said to have been blown off course and pierced on the rocks of Pilgrim's Trench, its crew now counted among the Sea of Ghosts. While much suspicion arose of this in Uriel the V's time, this was quickly overshadowed by the disasters of the Akaviri campaign, and Uriel's death.
If the legends are true, the blade lingers there in the depths, unrusted after an age owing to its mithril construction. The Sea of Ghosts remains as treacherous now as it was in the third era, and no adventurer has yet to recover this powerful and beautiful weapon.

Consider using in Skyrim VR if you have it, there are designs that can barely be seen on it in the limited view angles and animations of pancake Skyrim. Like the props of the LOTR movies, I always aspire to put more detail than can be discernably seen, but the viewer is aware that it is there, creating a much richer world. The beauty of VR is that the blade and hilt can be pressed against your face for every detail. 
The artwork is all hand-drawn, my own designs, largely inspired by the treasures of the Staffordshire Hoard, took quite a bit of time.