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Just a character preset that allows for Chesko's Belt-Fastened Quivers Animations and XPMSE to work in tandem. A proper compromise.

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XPMSE/Belt-Fastened Quivers Workaround Preset

I don't know about any of you, but I've always wanted to use Chesko's Belt-Fastened Quivers and XPMSE together without conflict. The conflict is that unfortunately, BFQ and XPMSE are both skeleton mods. This forces you to choose between Belt Fastened Quivers or mods that need a different skeleton mod (Like BBB animations).
Therefore, I offer a simple compromise in the form of a preset!


1: Legal version of Skyrim, obviously.
2: SKSE 1.7.3+
3: Racemenu 3.4.5+
4: FNIS 7.5+
5: XPMSE 4.71+
6: Belt-Fastened Quivers (You only need the standalone animations, not the main file)

1: You can manually drop the preset in your preset folder, located at "Skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins\CharGen\Presets".
2: A mod manager like Vortex or MO. I've set the mod up to be easy to install from whichever manager you prefer.

The preset is just a default female Nord with the appropriate quiver tweaks. The only known issue I see is that the quiver can sometimes clip right into the butt or hover over it. This is unfortunately the fault of armor, body and animation mods. Being a preset, the settings are available for you to scale to your liking should you need to change anything. I also noticed that once you load a preset with this tweak, the tweak stays if you load another preset that doesn't have any quiver tweaks. If this works for you, it should make it easier for you to save it to whichever character preset you wish to use it on.


- "Who is this even for?" -
It's for people who want to use XPMSE and Belt-Fastened Quivers together, without needing other animations or patches. If this is something you want or need, then chances are you probably already use the required mods above.

- "How does it work" -
All it does is tweak some numbers in the RaceMenu Weapons Slider to move the quiver to where it needed to be to make the animation look right. My positioning is not perfect and will look different for other people due to difference in body/armor mods.

- "You're right. It doesn't look right on my character. How can I fix it?" -
This is the beauty of the workaround. If it doesn't look right, just head over to the weapons slider and simply move the sliders for quiver positions until it looks right for your character. No need for compatibility patches or bug fixes.

- "Why not just use the PCA patch in XPMSE?" -
Because my computer isn't high tier and I already have a pretty loaded load order with other mods I prefer to use over that instead. That and I've never been a fan of using a lot of animation mods. It makes FNIS freak out on me. I guess you can count "having a med/low spec computer" as another reason why anyone would want this.

- Which body mod did you use to make this preset with?"
I use Windsong Character Overhaul. I'm a fan of the CBBE Oriental style.

Special Thanks:
I want to thank the Bethesda team, the SKSE team, Fore, Chesko, expired6978 and Groovtama. All of their hard work allows for little projects like mine to come to life and altogether have given me and thousands of other players many years of enjoyment and happiness. Thank you!

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