About this mod

Adds Mighty Greatswords, 1Handed Greater Weapons and Crossbows
Plus Custom Crossbow Texture

Permissions and credits
Inspired by the Diablo series I always loved that feeling of wielding 1-handed great swords, the Barbarian's mighty weapons,  and mowing down enemies with the Demon Hunter's crossbows. It makes the player feel like they reached a higher plane to wield these weapons that only the strongest and most skilled warriors can master. I really wanted that for Skyrim and here is my take. Adds bigger greatswords(Mighty), 1handed greatswords(Greater) and 1handed crossbows(Daedra Hunter for lore sake). 
       All Weapons can be crafted with their respective smithing perks

Note on XP for Daedra Hunter Crossbows:
        Staves and anything that uses their animations by nature, do not provide the user with experience. Any solutions I have looked into, do not work or really put the stability of the game at risk. Until the community comes up with a solid safe way to do this they will have to remain as they are. 

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