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((((Authors Note)))) Expanded from the original with updates to all areas including a new Display Room and Underground Garden.

A mid-sized, atmospheric hideout with a history just off the beaten path between Riverwood and Whiterun. If you don't mind the sound of waterfalls and prefer a secluded place to kick up your feet...this may be th

Permissions and credits
  • Polish
THIS IS NOT MY MOD. THIS IS A BACKPORT TO LE WITH PERMISSION OF Rayek. Please let me know of any bugs this is a full conversion.  No patches should be needed. 

New 192+ Unique Displays
New Backstory (Long winded journal with character, hideout and lore tie-ins)
Full Smithing Area
Alchemy Table
Enchanting Table
New Staff Enchanter (Toggle)
Cooking Pot (Moveable)
New Hearthfire Oven
New Mortar (Grind wheat to flour)
New Follower Bedroll (Toggle)
New Fish Trap & Pond
New Apiary
New Underground Garden
New 6 Planters
New Coffin (Toggle)
New Mirror (Character Customization)
Bath (New Sit for 10 sec buff & Player/NPC Equipment Removal)
5 Weapon Racks
2 Weapon Displays
Labeled Storage
New Linked Storage (Leather & Hides, Alchemy & Cooking Ingredients)
Double Bed (Well Rested Bonus)
Redone Custom Bookcases (Holds 42 Books + Storage)
Map Marker
Hidden Location & Entrance
Redone Companion Friendly (Nav & Idle Markers)
New Sit Animations
Redone Wardrobe
Wood Chopping Block
New 3 Mining Nodes
New Desk & Locked Safe
Redone Talos Shrine (Buff & Pray Animation)
Rayek's Blade (Nightingale Clone/Frost Dmg)
New Ancient Slaughterfish (The Leviathan)
...and more