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a project to make caches hidden all across skyrim, with some initial items and supplies based on what level about's you should be for the area and what type of cache (from abandoned military caches to thief and bandit caches and abandoned caches both modern and ancient)

ALRIGHTY so its been a while since last update did a bit more work secured additional mods to cover whiterun and got another for solitude undergoing permission of use, the mod is finally taking shape ^.^

if anyone would like to contribute in some way let me know either in comments or PM about what you would like to do and/or your skills and i will get you summin to do or refrance to the plans below.

all helpers will be properly credited, and any future uses in mods or reworks is fully authorised even if its just a shell atm i wanna make that clear everyone is welcome to this as long as me and the according helpers are credited.

i have been hunting for other mods to use and i have managed to secure the assassins hideout & remodeled version courtesy of Graevedigger and eldiabs the version for it is marked Proxy accordingly as i didnt make it please go to for the original and for the remodeled version

alpha -> 1.0:
doors to side rooms removed to allow access
area changed to player faction owned so everything should be safe to use and store
moved some tiles to correct overlapping issues
reduced the area transition to return to skyrim to allow more access to parlour room.


-doors not useable
-chests not safe for storage
-everything is not owned by the player
-no usable beds
-no fire animations
-no working cooking spits
-items not placed into chests or barrels
-tile placement overlapping for stairwell into bottom level
- no portcullis to protect lowest level

-no fires or cooking spits
-no working beds
-items not placed into chests or barrels
-no portcullis to protect lowest level


new version is live! filled and linked so its now usable, not quite complete yet still some polishing and finalizing to do, especially the containers then i can move onto a cache in another part of skyrim, please vote for which town or location you want the next cache in!

please report any bugs and if you have any requests or suggestions feel free to speak up!

this project is a learning curve for em so any and all help is welcome needed and deeply thanked for!

Development plans:
at the moment i am focusing on the hold capitals and one village per hold i eventually plan to do a cache in each settlement but one step at a time, after that i will be opening up the mod to requested locations for mods (accompanied by directions and screenshots would help immensly in finding your exact desired location)

whiterun-dragons reach

to do:

i can't remember the others so

the rest


as before let me know if you wanna help with this plug-in or work on a cache for another location, i will be working on one cache at a time so theres plenty of room for people to make their own custom caches, just send me the plug-in after each phase is complete (shell, room layouts, guts, finalizing) so i can upload it