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An ENB preset that implements a lighting style and color palette that emphasizes the cold, harsh weather that dominates the rugged landscapes of Skyrim, based on original Dovahlandjas ENB and edited with additional new ReShade component. This is the complete version of the original Dovahlandjas.

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Be Safe Everyone

New Sovngarde and Valhalla Edtions are now available with the Main Download! Check first few screenshots in the screenshot section to see how they look! I noticed in late Assassin's Creed Valhalla footage they have raised gamma gain settings, I tried it in my ENB + ReShade Preset and VIOLA I thought it looked great and decided to upload it!

Notice: Okay, Dark Edition is finished!

Notice: I strongly suggest using the BrighterIllumination version of the Norderlandjas ReShade Preset, it overall looks better and corrects the dark areas, it's what I use.


An ENB preset that implements a lighting style and color palette that emphasizes the cold, harsh weather that dominates the rugged landscapes of Skyrim, based on original Dovahlandjas ENB and edited with additional new ReShade component. This is the complete version of the original Dovahlandjas.

Dovahlandjas was originally intended to use ReShade, but when I made the first version I didn't know it was possible to use ReShade with ENB on Skyrim Legendary Edition.

Now that I've discovered how it's meant to be done I've created a more complete version of what Dovahlandjas was always intended to be, and decided to rename it Norderlandjas(for the Nords in Skyrim). It also means Northlands. The word Nord essentially means Northman, well sort of.

Recommended Mods for Norderlandjas (used in my screenshots):
Real Clouds by Soolie
Relighting Skyrim by NovakDalton

I may make a new Dovahlandjas in the future, however it will be completely different from Norderlandjas and the old Dovahlandjas, and will be much more similar to vanilla in color palette with less of the blues as is found in Norderlandjas.

Disclaimer Update: Well, after some investigating, I found there's not really much that can be done after the changes I made without precisely undoing the EXACT specific changes I made and reverting. If I were to do that, then that dreaded overly-blue oversaturation weather type will come back and it was way too much to be able to tolerate in the original Dovahlandjas, the changes I made mitigate that but result in some negative changes to interior lighting that I can't really do much about. That said, things are probably going to stay the way they are. I may very well make a 2.0 version of this ENB that will be completely different but thematically the same, I also may make a custom weather mod for this ENB that eliminates the blue lighting weather so I can safely revert back to the old lighting or do something different that makes it even better. For the moment, things will probably sit right here.

Disclaimer: This ENB is currently not ideally where I want it to be. I thought it was, but I realized a lot of things don't look the way I intended them coming off of Dovahlandjas ENB due to changes I made. Currently it's not terrible, but some things in Dovahlandjas look better. It's still playable, still looks alright, I just don't 100% like where things are and want to improve a few things. Already fixed a lot of the things that got messed up but there's still work to be done possibly.



Warning: All instructions are important!!!! Please follow carefully!!!!
If you know how to install ReShade with ENB for Skyrim, just do your thing.
If you don't know how to do that, or run into issues like chasing shadows or ctd, I wrote these instructions to help.
If these instructions don't help, ask online for help!


Installation Instructions
I tried to make this simple and easy to understand, but there's just so many steps.
Look up tutorials for getting ReShade to work with ENB for Skyrim online if these instructions don't make sense.
You NEED to install d3d9 version of ReShade and disable INTZ in ReShade GUI for this preset to work on Skyrim LE!


Step 1:
Install latest version of ReShade:
version 4.4.2 or greater
Make sure to install the d3d9/Direct 3D 9 version, do NOT install the Direct 3d 10/11/12 version, or ReShade will NOT work!!!!
Instructions for installing reshade (make sure to choose Direct 3d 9 version not Direct 3d 10, 11, or 12!) ALSO (instead of installing for Witcher 3, install for Skyrim, when the installer asks you to, navigate to Skyrim folder and choose TESV.exe while installing ReShade):
These instructions are for the Witcher, just make sure to install for Skyrim instead. Install Direct 3d 9 version, not 10/11/ or 12!
Important: When ReShade is finished installing, launch the game, start ReShade by pressing Home key or Shift F2 or whatever the new start key is
Then while ReShade GUI/Menu is open, navigate to DX9 or d3d9 tab at the top of ReShade gui menu, and make sure the line that says something like "disable replacement with INTZ format" is CHECKED and TURNED ON. INTZ needs to be disabled or ReShade will create shadows that chase the screen when you look at different things and move in the game.


Step 2:
After ReShade is finished, navigate to Skyrim folder and rename d3d9.dll to ReShade_d3d9.dll. Make sure file extensions is on and you don't accidentally rename it ReShade_d3d9.dll.dll
Instructions for show file extensions for Windows 10 (just look up instructions online if you use earlier Windows than Windows 10):


Step 3:
Select all files inside Norderlandjas ENB Version 1.(whatever version) folder, and copy them and paste them inside your Skyrim folder where TESV.exe is located


Step 4: regular ENB instructions, make sure these settings are adjusted in Skyrim Prefs under  the [Display] section:


Step 5:
Open enblocal.ini and set VideoMemorySizeMb= to whatever your system's VRAM and RAM is,
Detailed instructions here:
you can downlaod Boris' VRAM test tool:
and just set VideoMemorySizeMb= to that number it gives you
also check at top of enblocal.ini file and makes sure these settings are there:


Step 6
Download latest version of ENB for Skyrim:
or here find latest version:
Extract files go to Wrapper version, copy the files d3d9.dll, and enbhost.exe, and put them in your Skyrim folder where TESV.exe is located again.


Step 7 (final step):
Launch Skyrim, once in-game, open ReShade GUI and choose NorderlandjasReshadePreset or NorderlandjasReShadePresetBrighterIllumination from the Drop-Down Menu at the top. Choose one of the NorderlandjasFilmic options for alternate cinematic versions.




If you need additional help, ask on forums online or look up tutorials on Youtube for help. I only speak English so sadly I can't make instructions in other languages as much as I'd like to.