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  • Performance impact

    This patch may have positive impact on FPS and loading speed, but will it be noticable or not completely dependent on your hardware and game setup. I'll try to explain it in short and complete ways.

    Short explanation
    If you have a slow CPU, and/or uncapped FPS (Higher than 60), and/or lightweight graphic preset, highly likely, you will have noticable performance impact by this patch, but this is not guaranteed. The best way to find out will you have the boost or not is to try it.

    How large the impact will (or will not) be, is completely dependent on your hardware and graphic preset. If your CPU is the bottleneck in giving you FPS then the boost will be very noticable. If you have a heavy graphic preset and/or your CPU always waits for GPU, then you may not se...

  • Understanding of animation limits

    There're several limits related to animations:
    1. FNIS limit - the first one which player will meet if installed too much animations. Fore increases the limit each release of XXL version of his priceless tool. As for now XXL version limited to max 26162 animations. On that limit I can't affect, Fore sets it himself in his tool. 
    2. FootIK limit  - when we initailly loading a gamesave with too many animations there's a chance to get FootIK startup error. The error can be skipped with gamesave preloaders like Continue Game No Crash, Load Game CTD Fix or with animation preloader in Animation Loading Fix (be aware, only version 1.0 is compatible with the patch). The problem seems to be fixed in the SSE version.
    3. Register limit - the game has inte...