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Some animals and creatures level-up to a determined maximum. Various other tweaks.

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This is another animals/creatures overhaul but focused on predators as I think there's no point in tweaking preys into damage sponges (except mammoth).
So most of them start at their original vanilla level, then level-up with the player. The "PC level mult" is mainly used to maintain a "hierarchy" between them while the player progresses (so that, for example, a snow bear is always higher level than a sabrecat). I only did that for the last tier of species. I chose to determine their maximum level when they max their melee skill or even all of them; beyond that it only slowly increases their life.
Note that I've modified the Giant and Centurions/Forgemaster with the mod "Ultimate Combat" in mind (it boosts their life) ; it isn't required though.

Creature's name / vanilla level - new max level / (PC level mult) :

- Giant 32-48 (x1.2)
- Dwarven Centurion, tier 3 Master 36-56 (x1.1)

- Bear Snow 20-45 (x1) (max skills at lvl 45)
- Bear Cave 16-38 (x0.9)
- Bear Brown 12-26 (x0.7)

- Troll Snow 22-46 (x1) (& Armored/Tamed x0.6) (max skills at lvl 45)
- Troll 14-36 (x0.9) (& Armored/Tamed x0.5)

- Sabrecat Snow 11-33 (x0.8)
- Sabrecat 6-28 (x0.7) (max Sneak at lvl 28)

- Wolf Snow 6-14 (x0.5)
- Wolf 2-10  (x0.4)

- Werewolf Vagr Boss 42-60 (x1.1)
- Werebear 25-58 (x1)
- Werewolf Vagr 38-56 (x0.9) (max skills at lvl 56)

- Chaurus Hunter 32-46 (x1) (max skills at lvl 46)
- Chaurus Reaper 20-38 (x0.9) (max melee skill at lvl 37)

- Spriggan Earth Mother 30-45 (x1) (max skills at lvl 45)
- Burnt Spriggan 28-44 (x0.9)

- WispMother 28-56 (1.2) (max magic skills at lvl 56)
- IceWraith 9-38 (x0.8) (max destruction magic at lvl 37)

- Giant Frostbite Spider, Snow 17-46 (x1) (max skills at lvl 45)
- Giant Frostbite Spider 14-42 (x0.9)

- MudCrab Giant 3-18 (x0.7)

- Hunter 5-15 -> 5-25 (x0.5) (only Nords and Wood Elves)

(Some other creatures are modified)

Guardian Spirits :

- Skeever 1-13 (x1)
- Wolf 2-16 (x1)
- MudCrab 5-23 (x1)
- Sabrecat 12-40 (x0.8) (max melee skill at lvl 40)
- Ursine 32-46 (x1)
- Mammoth 3-45 (x0.9) (max skills at lvl 45)
- Troll 14-50 (x1)

Uniques :

- MudCrab : Old Salty 3-21 (x0.8)
- Boar : Bilgemuck 7-23 (x1.2)
- Horker : Lord Tusk 25 (vanilla)
- Riekling Chief 16-32 (x0.8)
- Troll : Udefrykte 22-48 (x1.5)
- WispMother : The Pale Lady 28-68 (x1.5) (max all skills at lvl 67)
- Dwarven Centurion : The Forgemaster, tier 3 (36-60) (x1.3)

Some other tweaks :

- Knockdown attacks : only with forward power attacks (not standing power attacks) and for Dwarven Centurion and Mammoth only. So they shouldn't chain lock the character onto the ground.
- Spider poison spit : added the frost slow effect (50/5s)
- Cloned the "Cushioned" perk and removed all the conditions (ReduceFallingDamage). Used mainly for Mammoth to counter the bug when they spawn in the sky and crash land die (this trick is already used by other mods). Also used by spiders ; if you use a mod that enhances the trees size like Simply Bigger Trees, some spiders could be hurt or even die when landing. This fixes that too.
- Introduced the Solstheim Boar into the vanilla leveled lists.
- Restored the original Alpha Wolf spawning location (his stats are tweaked) down the Embershard Mine (near Riverwood).
Added to a leveled list so he should (rarely) spawn sometimes in forests.
- Creatures drop more organic materials.


Recommanded mods : 

- True Nordic Troll
- Ultimate Combat
- NARC (No Animals Report Crimes)