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Entire retexture for Solstheim Skaal Village (interiors/exteriors) with parallax

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Aren't you fed up with the same old texture used evrywhere ? Particulary in the Skaal Village, all the assets are from Whiterun, it doesn't make any sense. so if you feel that this village should have a totally different look, this mod is for you.
All textures had been made to give the village a viking/celtic inspiration, so exit the cracked paintjob on the wood, and hello to deep intricated ornaments.

This mod is part of my current project "Solstheim reborn". Please check my other mod Ravenrock Reborn. Next will come the Telvanni tower and Apocrypha.

If you enjoy my work, please endorse :)

Vanilla game used architecture objects from Whiterun. All those assets had been recreated to be used specifically in the Skaal village. No more nif or texture are shared with Whiterun (except the nail decal). All texture had been made specifically for this mod.
In a next update I'll probably change the rugs too.

Install like any other mod with your favorite mod manager or manually unzipped
the archive and place the data folder in your Skyrm directory (don't forget to activate the esp).

Any mod editing the Skaal Village will certainly not be compatible but should work nonetheless.
If you encounter any compatibility issue, please mention it in the comments, I will make compatibility patch if I can.

Bethesda for making this great game,
All the great modders out there that work hard to constantly improve the game