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Allows the mod iNeed to detect the food from Forager's food for RND to actually sate your hunger.

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This mod expands the food tables from iNeed to contain the foods craft-able by Forager Food.  I liked the addition of food I could find for a survival theme, but it didn't actually feed my character with my favourite needs mod!

Both great mods but just didn't work together for whatever reason. 

If you have any mods that directly change the food table of iNeed this probably wont be compatible.  Hopefully not, because iNeed usually detects foods from other mods.  Put this below both of them on the plugin list.

Forgot to say with initial release:  All the foods are considered "light" by iNeed, except the cooked egg and 2 stews are medium, since it's just... foraged plant bits..