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A small cozy cabin in the wild with a million Septims view

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                 WELCOME TO NORTWIND Hunters CABIN
by Kursan

While testing a follower in my upcoming tavern mod "Whispering Pine Inn" I came across this ledge overlooking the valley of hot springs and a fantastic view of half a score waterfalls. It was begging for a player home to be build there and I opted for a humble log cabin.

The cabin is located along the path to Northwind Mine through which you can reach a word wall and Dragon layer; the steep path branches off the eastern road winding up from Eastmarch towards the Rift.
Once you get there it has everything you need, a cozy living space with room to stay with one follower max, lots of labeled storage in custom containers and a full basement with every crafting station except a smelter. (because there is one a short way up the path in the mine) The interior has navmesh and a follower will follow into the cellar; there is a cot there as an option. 

Outside spectacular views are all around and a lush herb and flower garden hugs a rocky basin; behind the cabin a small dam caught rainwater to form a pond you can wash in and get your water supply. (with the right mods)  

Not intended as your main residence, rather a home away from home just a tiny cozy rest spot or a hideaway. 
The name when you enter just says "Northwind Cabin" but that name was already taken so I had to adjust the mod title, hence the hunters addition.
I hope you enjoy your stay.

Use a mod manager of your choice and make sure the activation tab is checked, or manually open the zip folder and drop contents into your Data folder, make sure mod is checked in your load order. 
There are no known conflicts unless you have a mod that alters the exact same location.

A big thanks to Stroti for his wonderful Logcabin resource!
Special thanks to RefurbMadness for her nice clutter resources.
Thanks to Bethesda