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Spell which manages up to 9 custom placeable Map Markers (Fast Travel) plus all the Vanilla playerhomes & more

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Mystical Grid

Adds a new Spell which places up to 9 "Mystical Nodes". These Nodes are basically custom Map Markers for Fast Travel across the Map and they can be placed and removed to be re-placed in another location if needed (also, optionally a guardian is summoned on each placed node upon having Mystic Bound perk).
The Grid also features all 5 Vanilla playerhouses, they can be reached on the interior via Fast Travel if you carry the related key, just outside if you don't.

The Tome you need to learn the Spell is located inside the Arcaneum of the Winterhold's College

Requirements : Just vanilla Skyrim
Installation : Unpack the downloaded file and place the content (esp+bsa) into your Skyrim/Data folder as usual.
Uninstall : Delete the afore mentioned files if you want to remove this mod.

Update : If you are updating the mod from an older version you have to use the console command "help mystical" then check your list for the releated SpellTome. You need now to use the console command "player.additem XXXXXXXX 1" (where the Xs are the code you picked before); doing so you will remove the previous spell adding the New Tome to your inventory so you can learn it once more with the new features unlocked.

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