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Soul gems come alive with Complex Particle Lighting and subsurface animation when filled. 2K textures available in Vanilla Blue and Rainbow colors with matching particle light colors! Only filled gems glow and feature subsurface animation. Empty gems do not glow or animate and look inert

Permissions and credits
An update to MLP Soulgems for LE that uses Rustic Soulgems textures and features Complex Particle Lighting just like MLP Soulgems SSE
This mod does not feature the same texture improvements of the SSE Version when it was ported. Just the added light source to filled gems.
This mod does not include changes to Azura's Star so is compatible with mods that do

Soul gems glow with particle lighting and feature a subsurface animation when filled. You've seen this animation before.
It is already used by many vanilla assets such as Frost Atronachs, water, and Aetherium items

The other half of this mod utilizes the [ComplexParticleLights] feature of ENBSeries most recent binaries
The particle light of this mod is visible in both First and Third-Person
Complex Particle Lights are a 2D billboard light source capable of casting shadows and always faces the fourth wall

The particle light effect on filled soul gems DOES require ENB v0.366 or above to function correctly

The subsurface animation effect on the filled soul gems does NOT require ENB to function correctly

Complex Particle Lights produce hugely overblown bright areas on character skin when specular skin is also turned on
I have experienced this with specular skin, torches, and wearable lanterns
You should also disable [ComplexFireLights] in enbseries.ini or ENB UI in-game
You can also adjust the intensity of [ComplexParticleLights] in enbseries.ini or ENB UI
That will reduce excessive brightness between particle lights and skin specular as they are all their own orders of light magnitude
So like .esp, choose only one to Enable. This mod requires [ComplexParticleLights] to be Enabled in order to see the glow, but is not critical to the mod functioning at all. You would still have the parallax and subsurface animation on filled soul gems but the filled gems will not glow. 
Just as [EnableBigRange] does not need to be enabled in [ComplexParticleLights], that's a matter of taste and to me it works best with very dark ENB

Further details in the readme accompanying the download

All Kudos and Endorsements should be directed at the original mod creators. I'm just a caretaker who saw this as an opportunity
File swapping and mesh editing with a copied effect branch took a second to learn how to do but it's far from authorship.