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A cozy Tavern at Shorstone, warm your tired bones by the fire with some custom brew.
The kind of Tavern you probably would like to hang out for real.

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                     Welcome to the Whispering Pine Inn

                                                                                          by Kursan

Born from a need for a warm place to rest and restock, this cozy Tavern in Shorstone offers just that and more between Riften and Windhelm.  
Heiner the Innkeeper will serve up his famous Boarstew and Roast, and Tylvia will serve up some home brewed single malt to wash it down or many other brews; then off to bed upstairs with room for a couple followers, if none of the other guests snatch a bed first; its a shared room...
There is a bath tub in the cellar to wash up and an alchemy lab to brew that potion for the path ahead.
Rellas a traveling Dunmer Merchant is peddling his unique wares from Morrowind and in no rush to leave.
Gorlek the miner is a regular and a man of few words, but Ralav the old Scout will talk your ear off for a drink and even follow you should you ask his help to find your way in these parts and beyond; in spite of his age he is a skilled fighter of many battles past and his story is a bit of a mystery.  

Enjoy your stay
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The Inn is located in Shorstone along the main road and an intersecting path between the other buildings and the raided watchtower down the hill.
If you travel to Shorstone you cannot miss it; for first time travelers, from Windhelm take the eastern road south through the hot springs valley and after you climb out of the valley you reach the Inn where the path reaches the Rift plateau; from Riften head straight North from the main gate. It has a couple simple stables across the road from it.
The exterior navmesh of the cell the Inn is sitting on was redone from scratch and thoroughly tested with followers.
The Innkeeper has a schedule and will be roaming the Inn, if he is not at the bar you can find him either in the main hall or the basement by the distillery.
The server also roams the main hall and sells food and drinks if you ask her, she will not come to you; only the Innkeeper can rent a bed.
The Dunmer Merchant sells wares from Solstheim and also offers the legendary Telvanni Bugmusk from Morrowind days gone by with a twist.
Some items like the Bugmusk could be considered cheats, but it was used as such in TES3; their effects are leveled to the Players abilities so they can be quite powerful. If you feel drinks and potions are not lore friendly just don't use them.
Some items placed on shelves and open chests are part of sellers inventories and will disappear from the shelf when bought, so it is possible to clear some shelves of their items that way but they should re-spawn after a default period.

Confirmed to work with ClefJ's Shor's Stone.
Works with "The Great Town of Shor's Stone" by soldierofwar, (but requires one simple console fix, see post for details)

Special thanks to my friend RefurbMadness for technical help and for creating all the nice custom bottles, and item models I used for statics and containers, and the sign for the Inn.
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.

Use a mod manager of your choice or drop contents of the Zip folder into your Data folder, click yes to all if prompted.
This mod requires Dragonborn and Heartfires DLCs
File was checked with TES5edit 4.0.2