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Ravenrock revamped, this mod improves Ravenrock from a derelict kind of town to something a bit more likely from a dark elf community.

Skyrim, Update,and Dragonborn ESM.

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I have revamped Ravenrock by upgrading the town to a more appealing version. It always bothered me that the town was left in such a state after red mountain eruption.

Even when the empire pulled put and the mine running out of ore ( apparently) thus leaving the community bereft of work and  no hope of bettering themselves. Well the good house Redoran have stumped up some coin and put the local unemployed to work clearing away debris from the disastrous eruption.

So now Ravenrock is more pleasing to the eye, there is new paving throughout the town the front of the temple has been changed to give it a more dunmer look some more trees have been added in some places and a new pier has been built near the stone at the end of the town.

There will be some other small changes as well including a player home next to the abandoned house called Raven nest. This is a basic home  but has enchanting and alchemy tables, there is a storage chest next to the Glover's forge so you don't have to carry all your stuff around.

If you see anything out of place let me know, I have had to do a lot of work on this MOD raising a lot of things and moving things around for this to look the way is does.

Anyway,  if you download it enjoy.

Credit: Bethesda for game and resources.