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Simple, compatible Forsworn faction without extra features. Forsworn are friendly to you after siding with Madanach. Forsworn also won't kill any livestock added by Redoubt overhauls.

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This is a ludicrously simple Forsworn mod. All it does is tweak the Forsworn related factions to make Forsworn games easier. After siding with Madanach, all Forsworn will be friendly towards you and your followers. In addition, Forsworn are now friendly to goats, chickens, and horses, fixing the annoying issue where Forsworn would slaughter any livestock added to areas they inhabit. These changes apply to the Druadach Redoubt faction, Forsworn faction, and Forsworn Dog faction, so any mod that adds new NPCs using those factions will benefit from it. One nice side effect of the tweaks is that if you run into the Forsworn attacking any mounted NPCs, the horse won't get killed, and you might get a free horse out of it.

This mod does not make Forsworn warpaints playable. I recommend using RaceMenu for that. I didn't want to edit any race records.

This mod does not make any changes to quests, locations, NPCs, race records, or character creation. It is meant to be as compatible as possible. Feel free to use your favorite mods to overhaul Redoubts or Forsworn leveled lists. Pretty much compatible with everything*. Forwards USLEEP edits for compatibility.

* Follower mods that use unique standalone systems may not work. This is due to how the Skyrim engine handles followers who don't use vanilla factions. YMMV on this. The best fix is to edit the factions yourself to include an incompatible follower's custom faction. Most alternate start mods are compatible, too, but Skyrim Unbound might not be. If you have any trouble with an alternate start, just do the Cidhna Mine quest to join the Forsworn as usual.

You can do literally anything you want with this mod! Permissions are all granted. No credit needed.

marchofflowers made a tweaked version of this to make Forsworn and Hagravens friendly to you at the start - check it out!