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The Lore-Friendliest Overhaul.

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Lore-Friendly Game Adjustments
LFGA is a personal project to make The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim a more challenging and rewarding game, the game has been rebalanced with the lore friendliest approach, providing the more coherent experience of the game so far to lore-fans of the series. Classes (or builds) have been taking into count while creating the overhaul in order to maintain all of them viable in the game while also improving their strengths and weaknesses. This project comes from a pure The Elder Scrolls perspective; all the game design within it has been made with the highests standpoints of the series and by no means introduces mechanics from another RPGs that the main series haven't introduced by itself already. You can consider this overhaul to be the result of a hardcore fan of the lore wanting to experience TES V like he did with TES III Morrowind. As you can imagine, if you are a lore-fan of the series; this is the overhaul for you.

Skyrim patch or greater.
Dawnguard DLC.
Hearthfire DLC.
Dragonborn DLC.
Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch 3.0.15 or greater.

The Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USLEEP) has set as requirement in order to ensure stability and compability with LFGA, keeping the fixes made by that patch.


Place Lore-Friendly Game Adjustments.esp in your game's data folder.


Remove Lore-Friendly Game Adjustments.esp of your game's data folder.
WARNING! Removing this mod from an active game can cause serious problems to your save file, please read the PDF file included in the download for more details about this subject, if you are an experienced user of mods ; you already know what I'm refering to.


Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp
Lore-Friendly Game Adjustments.esp

In order to ensure the full experience provided by this overhaul, always try to maintain it the higher possible in the load order.

What LFGA does?
Too much to be described here, a very well documented changelog has been written so you can have access to all those things you may have interest in knowing about this subject, that changelog is included in the download of the mod in a PDF file, if you're really interested in knowing all that before hand you can expend a reasonable amout of time by reading through it, on the other hand; if you are not interested in reading all that; there is NO problem, that's actually one of the points of this overhaul; just install the mod and go play the game, discover things as you play in a lore-friendly way.