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  1. Marduk63
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    How about Skyrim SE
    1. SunshineBlind
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  2. NotReal2248
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    ... What? So not only does this mod NOT work (I have used it when I was using the built in mod manager and I loved it) but when I use it though Nexus mod manager it straight up PREVENTS THE GAME FROM LAUNCHING. I have no idea why, can anyone give advice?
    1. R0NlN
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      Your post is confusing. You say this mod doesn't work, then that it does because it worked with a different mod manager. Then you note that it keeps your game from launching when using NMM. Not sure if you realize it, but you're making it sound like the mod is at fault-- when clearly it isn't.

      If a mod is keeping your game from launching, it usually means you're lacking one or more requirements that the mod depends on (this mod doesn't have any dependencies, so that's not the problem here). OR it may be a problem with your mod installation, or even the order in which your mods load. Try sorting your load order using LOOT. That may fix the problem for you.
  3. NiamhDream
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    I absolutely LOVE this mod! I am a bibliophile and wanted to get a complete library of every book in Skyrim (even including letters like the fake letters from Faendal and Sven to Camilla in Riverwood, which I had to go back and pickpocket to get!), and before I had this mod I was using an Excel list that someone had made to keep track. Now I actually use both (the Excel list more so I can mark quest books/notes/letters that I've gotten but had to give up and couldn't get back... yes, I'm THAT OCD!).

    I have a question, though: is there a way to mark a particular book as "unread" after I've read it? The reason I ask is because the librarian at the College of Winterhold will ask me to find a book as part of a quest and I'd like to mark that book as "unread" after I've found it so that I will be able to more easily see it again to add it to my personal library. (I have noticed that these books are not exclusively quest books because I've sometimes found them before he asks for them, but when I get the quest to find them, the quest marker does send me to whatever location the book can be found.)

    Thanks again for such an awesome mod!
    1. FledglingPidgeon
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      I second this question. I started collecting books late in the game, and I would like to effectively "reset all books" so that I can easily spot the ones I don't have.
    2. ktroj
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  4. ConanOfSkyrim
    • member
    • 194 posts
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    Hi duggelz. Vortex Mod Manager flags the esp file as incompatible. Given the number of endorsements this mod has, I'm assuming it's a false positive by Vortex. Have not had chance to playtest yet to verify theory but thought u may want to know. :)
  5. fallankid
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    • 65 posts
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    or some reason not working....
  6. skinnytecboy
    • supporter
    • 1,440 posts
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    I have always loved this handy little mod. Thank you.
  7. BlackTempleGaurdian
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    "The Aetherium Wars" is incorrectly categorised; it should be a quest book,
  8. skinnyk33
    • supporter
    • 26 posts
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    A really great mod to have. Thank you for making it.
  9. FelinaLain
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    The mod randomly stop working? Some books just won't glow, and then upon reload they do, but others that did before then stop?
    Else it's a perfect mod, does what you want it to do
  10. KJD4
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    Very nice, I wish it would only mark book is read if user reaches last page not just opening the book, I'd love to know which book I really read.
    1. deleted57053642
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