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Adds Macrauchenia into your game.

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Macrauchenia are large, long-necked and long-limbed, three-toed mammals that had a somewhat camel-like body, with sturdy legs, a long neck and a relatively small head. Its
feet, however, more closely resembled those of a modern rhinoceros,
with one central toe and two side toes on each foot. It was a large
animal, with a body length of around
9.8 ft (3 meters) and a weight up
to 2,299 lb (1,042.8 kg), about the size of a black rhinoceros.

You can find them in herds grazing on the plains, shrubs and vegetation off of small trees. despite their large size theyre still weary of people getting too close to them and will often run away and they're fast which makes it hard for hunters to catch them.

They have custom sounds and loot. Enjoy!

Big thanks to RoboBirdie for the meshes and textures, and also big thanks to Thomas Sarnari for the sounds.

You can find my discord channel here to see what else I'm working on.