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Why is the Grey Quarter so bland? So basic? Why Bethesda? The Dunmer have a link to the mainland via travelling and Gjalund Salt-Sage deliveries to and from Solstheim so why is it that the buildings don't reflect the Dunmer's residency?
Well now it does!

Permissions and credits
It has been 196 years since Red Mountain. Even if the Dunmer were refugees from such issues as Red Mountains constant eruptions, the Argonian Raids, the Great War, much of this happen many years ago. Thus, begins the question: Why is everyone in the Grey Quarter so impoverished? Every single one of them works, so why do their houses look like garbage? Why? Bethesda?

This Mod Attempts to fix up the Interiors of the Grey Quarter to create a more idealised home for the Dunmer. It is now a haven for Dunmer Kind. Is this lore-friendly? Well I attempted to keep it as lore-friendly as possible, however since the updates I’ve made, I’m sure the rest of Windhelm looks
pathetic in terms of interior design but this can’t be helped. I’ve theorised that many of the Morrowind goods can come through Solstheim, therefore giving Gjalund Salt-Sage incentives as well as those living in Solstheim to import Morrowind goods or to make their own. Thus, these Dunmer are able to get the same items they would have in their homes, supporting Dunmer businesses instead of Nord ones. It is using a lot more resources from Dragonborn as well as custom resources that are influenced by Morrowind. A room can say a lot about a person, and thus I have focused my mod around this idea.

  • Revyn Sadri (Owner of Sadri’s Used Wares) SinceRevyn is marriable I wanted to make sure that his house looked representative of someone who is a pawnshop owner as well as a home that can fit the Dragonborn comfortably. Many of the original items are replaced with the Dragonborn DLC counterparts, and the storeroom holds everything that could be sold. There’s also a secret room hidden in it too. See if you can find the key!
  • (It’s under the table you see when you walk in). The other side room Holds a double bed with two chairs, a pot and cosy, lore-friendly decorations.
  • Belyn Hlaalu (Owner of Hlaalu Farm) should be awealthy individual since he owns a farm and has workers for it. So, why is his house in such poverty? His house has now been revamped and fixed up fitting for a farm owner and a descendant of House Hlaalu. Considering his houses philosophy, you might be unsurprised what’s hiding in his closet – it’s definitely not a skeleton!
  • Ambarys Render/Malthyr Elenil (Owner of New Gnisis Cornerclub) has had a complete renovation – it now looks like a bar. The Gnisis Cornerclub has now got rooms, one new room for Ambary to sleep in and rest in and another for Malthyr Elenil. There is also a new worship room where the Dunmer can worship before/after their drink in peace without interruption or scorn from Nords. There is also a new kitchen where food is prepared and made before being served to customers located throughout the bar. There is a large seating area where the patrons can sit and drink and enjoy themselves without judgement.
  • Aval,Faryl and Suvaris Atheron (Merchant, Farm Worker and Office Manager respectively) all live in the Atheron Residence, I have added a bedroom
  • upstairs along with a prayer room and turned the downstairs into a main kitchen, dining and lounge room. Aval is a merchant who sells his goods in the marketplace and now his room reflects his job and has created a downstairs storage room where he can store his goods that he can sell in the future. Faryl’s room is covered in books, scrolls and plants. He has now become a beginning alchemist studying and entering the world of alchemy. Suvaris works as an office manager and her room is a cosy and have her desire to become an inspiring archer. Downstairs on the left is the dining, kitchen and pantry. On the right is a small area where Faryl grows Ash Yams and Scathecraw.

This is my first ever mod and thus there may be issues with the mod that could need to be fixed that I either didn’t notice or am not aware of. So, you’d be best to add this to a new game or a game after you have a clean save before installing. I have cleaned it with TES5edit and tested on my spare computer to see if it would work and I did not have any issues. Please do tell me if there are issues can I can fix them! There have been new additions in terms of markers and the buildings have been completely navmeshed to allow for the NPCs to walk around and interact with them without issue.

When it comes to mods that also change/edit the Grey Quarter, make sure to put this mod lower than them due to the fact that the exterior is not at all affected or changed. Just the cells for the New Gnisis Cornerclub, Sadri’s Used Wares, Atheron Residence and Belyn Hlaalu’s House.

New V2.0 Changes:
  • Prayer said "blessing of Dibella", it has now been fixed and replaced to the appropriate daedra.
  • Those in the New Gnisis Cornerclub now use their actual beds
  • New version that has no coins inside the dunmer homes as it was requested.
  • Moved the Double-Distilled Skooma so it is no longer hidden by the boxes 

Installation/Installation (Manual):
Place files in mod folder. Remove to uninstall mod.

Recommended Mods:
  • Any mod that upgrades the textures for Dragonborn or vanilla.
  • A good lighting mod – I use ELFX
  • Full Bars and Inns
  • SOS – Civilisation.
  • An exterior Grey Quarter mod (look at compatible mods to see)

Dunmerized Gray Quarter 
Better Gray Quarter 
Technically Compatible:
Fine Goods from Morrowind The Gray Quarter –Dragonborn - Modify's cells. unless you are fine with disabling items a patch will need to be made.

None at the moment. Please tell me if you find any.

To MxR Mods:
  • this mod is dedicated to him as he got me into Skyrim and into the modding community. Thank you so much! this mod is a thank you since i cannot support him through patreon at the current time.

Special Thanks:
  • DarkFox127:As this mod wouldn’t exist without his amazing tutorials. Seriously, all other resources did nothing in comparison to the help his tutorials had. Bless his soul because this mod relied a lot on his help. 
  • Elianora: For her amazing Resources and Tutorials.
  • Bethesda: For making Skyrim.
  • All the names below for the amazing resources you allowed to be used!
If you want to use my mod in your own go ahead, no asking or permission is required, although do make sure to mention that there are resources in the mod that i do not own and are reflective of those below.

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  1. Elianora– Elianora’s Extra Resources
  2. Nickorasu – Religious Resources of Tamerial
  3. Blary – Ingredients in a Jar, Ingredients Drawer Resource, BookSet Resource, Food Container Resource, OpenBooks Resource
  4. Anduniel – Dunmeri Great House Banners Resource
  5. Minermanb – Deadric and Velothi Tilesets
  6. Enter_77 – Morrowind Dwemer Resources
  7. LorSakyamuni – Lor Modder’s Resources, The Witcher 3 Mega Resource Pack.
  8. Tamira – Phitts Morrowind Style, Stroti Resource Pack, Strotis Oven Resource
  9. DarkFox127 – Project Modularity
  10. Stoverjm – Open Books Library
  11. Truedragonborn – Modders Resource
  12. Tlaffoon – Tlaffoon’s Rugs and Tapestries
  13. Yournotsupposedtobehere – Rug Resource
  14. Oaristys – Modder’s Resource Pack the Witcher Extension, Modders’ Resource Pack
  15. Artisanix – Paintings and Frames
  16. Lolikyonyu – Locicept Resources
  17. Jokerine – Jokerine’s Misc Resources
  18. Harvey2112 – General Stores Resources