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If you find Skyrim at medium or high levels too easy then this may like to you.

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Update 17/10/2020 ver 1.2:

 - So i was wondering why i blocked so little damage with my mod, nerfing resistances also affects blocking, so now i restored the original 85 cap for resistances, but to balance a bit now is only possible to add magic resist enchants to necklaces only.
- Adjusted enchanments so the player deals a bit more damage. Still is going to make less than in the original.
- Better blocking re adjusted and now you can block a good deal of damage.


Skyrim too easy?

Lets be real at armor and resist cap nothing can touch you for any real danger, and is broken. 
To be op in skyrim you need only 2 things: improved or perked armor and resists, after that even if you do crap damage you will survive long enough to kill your foes.

Also the damage the player does can be insane on master or below. 1 shoting a dragon on expert?

To use install any part you want, the part about resists and armor install only one version also choose one version of increased npc health.

You may need to use some tactics not just mindless left clicking until everything is dead!!

- Skyrim rebalance - Enchantments:

Damage enchantments nerf. Fortify one handed on Gauntlets only, fortify achery on Head gear only
, you will have more free gear enchants to put something else, don't install if you play on legendary but this mod is intended for master and below.

I played on legendary for a while, but after thinking about it, i don't like it anymore, mainly because you need to level up before you can actually engage in combat as well npc to npc fights takes too long, also followers do crap damage and destruction magic is so weak on legendary. 

Smithing enchantments can only be used on gauntlets, Smithing items found in the world nerfed by half.
One handed and archery items found in the world nerfed by half.

Health enchanments power reduced by 40%, because before you could with enchanments easily counter what you lack on armor. 

- Skyrim rebalance - Resist - Armor XX:

Use 20 version recommended, if you want a challenge use 15 or 10, what a joke that with less than a half of armor cap the game is still easy!
Armor nerfed,
the damage reduction maximum cap lowered. This is the main reason enemy attacks are just a joke in vanilla game. In the video i prove this point, a legendary dragon bites and does almost nothing!. unacceptable!.

- Skyrim rebalance - Better blocking

Adjusted maximum damage blocked and you get less damage from blocked power attacks, default blocking is better.

This mod only changes vanilla variables etc, and doesn't have scripts so is safe to uninstall i guess.