Love Is In The Air

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Followed them here from whiterun :)

Ok so Idk if its vanilla but I have installed a mod called "Immersive Citizen AI Overhaul" mod or something that makes npc do immersive things like wall leaning, fixing windows or any (static?) furnitures like barrels in honningbrew meadery, sweeping and sitting on a ledge like the other screenshot.

( I really don't know if its these two going outside is vanilla or what but guess that's the mod that makes them do that)

Makes the people act like normal people, they also run away from fights (some neutral city npc's) so they wont die like when there's vampire attacks at 6pm

(I even have immersive wenc*** mod that adds tavern people got also affected by it so I guess most npc now do immersive things)

Its funny these two hanging out leaving out of whiterun around 9am in game time to take a moment for a chat, eat or drink outside and sit on tree stumps talking about their secret relationship