Ah, the brothers in arms. I always laugh at these two because they look like they put on their goth makeup in the morning and then went and worked out for 6 hours. They just look so bad. And the structure of their faces is seriously copy and pasted on about 15 other NPC's.

Let's go stats first again: Vilkas remains unchanged. Heavy armor and 2h swords. Check. Farkas, however, wears heavy armor and weilds a 2h sword, but levels 1h and Smithing? Makes no sense. I fixed him so he properly levels 2h and Heavy armor. Why? He's one of the first Followers you can get in the game and I think a 2h Warrior is nice to have early.

Looks: I wanted to accomplish 2 things with them - Look like brothers, and have a feral, or beastial look about them. I designed them to share the exact same bone structure, have the same lips, and nose as well. The eyes are a bit different, Vilkas has "smarter" eyes, but they do have the same silver "Werewolf" color. Where they are different, is Farkas looks more feral - unkempt beard and hair, whereas Vilkas is clean cut.

Lastly, Vilkas talks about regretting becoming a Werewolf during a few dialogues, so I added a nice big scar across Farkas' face to kind of tell a story about why. Thought that was a nice touch.

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