Dusk Hunter

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  1. thesarantis
    • supporter
    • 11,427 posts
    • 133 kudos
    So great armor bro!!!
    I really loved how it looks both on Alen and Sofie! It really gives volume to every warrior!
    Great shots and wonderful bokehs also!
  2. CroNoctem
    • premium
    • 1,412 posts
    • 42 kudos
    First of all: congrats to the release, this armor is AAAWESOME!
    And a great showcase of it, I'd say the both are natural born models, they do a great job
    Amazing work, bro
  3. AnnaMary
    • member
    • 6,664 posts
    • 192 kudos
    Wow... It's a Wonderful Masterwork, - sincere congratulations on this Luxurious new armor from You!!! These demonstrational pictures are Genial for its goal - I love a poses of Your really Courageous and Beauteous characters and a refreshing snowy Spirit...just a Superb are all details and DoF!!!;=))))) ($v$)

  4. Beba
    • supporter
    • 8,076 posts
    • 110 kudos
    This armor looks fantastic, beautiful set and great job.
  5. SpiderBob12
    • member
    • 16,365 posts
    • 167 kudos
    Great looking heavy armor set!!
  6. thenewgame
    • supporter
    • 4,750 posts
    • 96 kudos
    Cool pics, my friend!
  7. VoDovahKiin
    • supporter
    • 6,169 posts
    • 97 kudos
    They both look ready for any enemy that comes their way and the harsh environment of Skyrim.
    Both are looking cool and badass in this awesome new armour bro :)
  8. ista3
    • premium
    • 64,707 posts
    • 1,052 kudos
    Excellent woks and captures Manuel :))
  9. serkethetyt
    • premium
    • 12,401 posts
    • 198 kudos
    Both Alen and Sofie are looking fantastic with this practical armor, bro! A mod more than desired, WE NEEDED IT!