-Luba SkyWings.
-JoO Jedi Robe V2.
-Leather Backpack.
-Blindfolds of Skyrim.
-Night Dwellers Armor.
-Dragon Ball Z Scouter.
-tom349s Fist Weapons.
-Neo Swordmage Robes 2.
-The Ninja Project - Beta.
-Magicka Sabers Expanded.
-Newermind Bow Collection.
-Remodeled Armor CBBEv3M.
-Dwemer Goggles and Scouter.
-Samurai Ko Katana Ninja Sword.
-Fetish Armour Collection by Turbosnowy.
-Bamboo Quarterstaffs And Bows For Skyrim.
-Black Tower and Black Sacrament Armor pack.

-Raven Follower. by yellowpaint.
-Arcane Sisters,Frost. by Grimraven1.
-Followers Unlimited. by David Brasher.
-Half Orc War Shaman Talsha. by Grimraven1.
-Annael v1 custom NPC follower. by BravoOskar.
-Braithwen Fernleaf -Wood Elf Companion- by FalmerBane.
-Luna Aeyris v1_1 wood elf new NPC follower. by BravoOskar.

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