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  1. renthal311
    • member
    • 20,500 posts
    • 891 kudos
    eh....  beautiful
  2. hammersmcp
    • premium
    • 12,558 posts
    • 84 kudos
    A "little life sign" from you is a wonderful thing for all your friends here. 
    As we know from her story, your character of Sibyll is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  To see such beauty saddened, as in these images, is so heartbreaking that you just want to reach out to her and offer whatever solace you can.  But we also know from her story, that her courage and her tenacity to overcome her personal tragedy gave her that light, shining through the darkness, hope.  It gave her purpose and, eventually, brought her healing.  
    These images are a beautiful collection of the faces of grief.  The last one reminds me of the lyrics from the song, Michelangelo, by Emmylou Harris -

    "Last night I dreamed about you
    I dreamed that you were weeping
    And your tears poured down like diamonds
    For a love beyond all keeping"
  3. Reaper060389
    • supporter
    • 5,994 posts
    • 118 kudos
    Schön wieder was von dir zu sehen
    Das ist wahr, in dieser Comunity/Forum sind schon wunderbare Leute.
    Bleib stark und alles Gute.
    Bleib Gesund
  4. ista3
    • premium
    • 52,947 posts
    • 973 kudos
    My thoughts are with you and the girls.
  5. respaldoshugo
    • member
    • 8,929 posts
    • 153 kudos
    Just a big hug, dear friend.
  6. Queenieangel
    • supporter
    • 40,951 posts
    • 422 kudos
    Lass Dir Zeit , meine liebe!  Aber es ist schön wieder ein paar Bilder von Dir zu sehen.
  7. FastBlackCat
    • premium
    • 42,663 posts
    • 272 kudos
    I was very sorry to hear about your loss, you have my sincere and heartfelt condolences, Heike.  And it is good to see you again, beautiful shots of Sibyll. 
  8. scholzenbolz
    • supporter
    • 2,173 posts
    • 21 kudos
    Absolut herausragende und wunderschöne Aufnahmen liebe Heike und wie ich finde eine wundervolle Hommage

    Nimm dir alle Zeit der Welt die du brauchst, wir werden hier sein und mit Freuden auf dich warten :>
    Alles erdenklich Gute und weiterhin viel Stärke wünsche ich dir.
  9. RogueCyborg
    • supporter
    • 1,711 posts
    • 125 kudos
    Take care for yourself, Heike!

  10. GTXFan
    • member
    • 7,444 posts
    • 137 kudos
    Wundervolle Aufnahmen und alles Gute!