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I won't make a list of the characters this guy is sort of kind of based on but suffice to say, I love asymmetry in designs and am all too happy to introduce it to my own.


  1. FastBlackCat
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    He looks awesome, great job on him.
  2. guidethisonekalaheria
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    Wow! He looks amazing
  3. balwick
    • supporter
    • 620 posts
    • 12 kudos
    Asymmetry makes everything feel more natural, and that plays a big part in how real this character feels. Now if only I could bring him along for the ride in my own game. COUGHCOUGH.

    Keep up the good work. Your characters are always a breath of fresh air.
    1. evgirunslaad
      • supporter
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      I intend to release him as a follower, wont be on Nexus. When I do I’ll serve up a link here though.
  4. JackLively
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    He looks like a fully fledged NPC. I hope the character design is anywhere near this good in future Elder Scrolls games.
    Very cool. :)

    Edit: As a side note, is it possible to post any mods you used to create him? I'd love to be able to have a character of this quality. Thanks! :)
    1. evgirunslaad
      • supporter
      • 549 posts
      • 184 kudos
      His textures are from the Dizona Body mod that released here on Nexus a short while ago, plus some resources from here and there on the web. Though I did create his specular maps myself, directly from the diffuse (the default ones I found were too shiny).
  5. Artsick
    • member
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    1. evgirunslaad
      • supporter
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      I do love ol’ Nar! ShinglesCat did such an amazing job with him, he’s one of my favorite followers. Yep he was and is an inspiration to me.
  6. Aydaptic
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    Pretty sure I've said it before, but I'll say it again... I love his design
  7. daxoss
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    nice look ;)
  8. dovalady1995
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    • 429 posts
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    Very attractive assymmetry i must say!:) Great character!<3
  9. ashes18
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    Interesting... for me it's the exact opposite - I can't stand asymmetry. Which is why your character is so fascinating to me
  10. DonovanOnyx
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    • 31 posts
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    He definitely looks like he's been through the Great War (and a few more). Nice rough character and great shot!