Elegance on Sunday

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Sorry to be late on this, but I had decided to start over with Skyrim. Introducing Yrilen v.2.0 (I think). I absolutely love the name and I'm really happy with how she came out.


  1. SpiderBob12
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    Nice screen!
  2. FastBlackCat
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    Well, I'm really late, it's almost Tuesday where I'm at. Great shot, Skahren.
  3. Dibthelegend
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    It's still Sunday in a few parts of the world, no biggie.
    Do you mean reinstalling your game, or just a new playthrough?
    And Yrilen looks great, she has a determined expression. And of course I like that corset and her freckles :3
    1. skahren23
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      Sort of both, did a soft reinstall of the game and want to start over with a main character.
    2. Dibthelegend
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      I've definitely done that when my install gets too messy. GL sticking to 1 character ;)
  4. ajhardy
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    Don't worry about the time. I get up and start working at about 5:30 AM CST on Monday and I will paste stuff in later. I had a lifetime full of deadlines and they are bullsh*t. BTW - You should be happy with the way they came out because she looks marvelous!
  5. TeofaTsavo
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    The first step is to admit you are an altoholic