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  1. Asaforg
    • supporter
    • 26,215 posts
    • 126 kudos
    The long side shot with her head tilted is my favorite.
  2. Klaxoid
    • member
    • 8,541 posts
    • 131 kudos
    Amazing character Rick!

    These shots turned out very well
  3. Farvat
    • premium
    • 9,522 posts
    • 294 kudos
    A very well done redguard, and all the shots are amazing as always. You have really reached a very high level of quality, to which is added your role as animator of the community. Finally those of nexus have woken up and begin to support the initiatives of the community even for images. Better late than never.
  4. aza1967
    • premium
    • 1,257 posts
    • 17 kudos
    Yes, here she is again, my favorite , and with such an outstanding portrait.
    Like a real plant .
    There it is again, that shimmer like in Italy or Spain , and from the distance you could take that for an olive tree , wonderful.
    The last four : a dramatic sky, these two great sword poses (oh, you should do that more often, that looks really good)and of course, that wonderful, strange colored water.
    This LUT seems to be very nice.
  5. FastBlackCat
    • premium
    • 34,439 posts
    • 232 kudos
    Awesome shots, Rick, and that LUT looks terrific.