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Guard : He is back.
Roya : You mean he "are" back. At least two of him.
an old one and an other fake... again.
Guard : Banned  a couple of times...
Roya : A snake with a new skin.
Guard : But still a very poor English writer.
Roya : Right. Funny when he pretends to be an English-speaking person.
Using local slang from "the 30 slang words to know
if you travel to (insert a country from the south hemisphere here)"
And even more funny when he says English is a poor language compared to French.
Guard : And this professorial, condescending tone... that betrayed him.
Roya : Haha, yes, the "Professor Wiki"
Guard : Will you?...
Roya : Rat him out? No... He did that many times in the past here. 
Even to people he calls "friends" somewhere else since then.
I'm not like him.
Just let him know...
I know he "are" here.

...Long story. Still bleeding after all the knives he threw in my back.
and all the lies told to long time friends.

Of course everything is fictional... or maybe not.

Thanks for watching.


  1. Asaforg
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    Hmm, now you got my interest peeked, but I doubt I'd fine where he are at since I only have friends on my tracking and I almost never just go look through the images section.
    1. kaldaar
      • supporter
      • 6,303 posts
      • 230 kudos
      Seems like he are not in your friends list ;-)
      But he has had (and still have for sure) so many aliases and spying accounts and self-endorsing or self-commenting (that! is insane... commenting his own screenshots with fake accounts...) here (and on flickr) I can't be 100% sure.
      A snake. No, a hydra.
  2. BlackMaid
    • premium
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    I don't know the back story, but he is not the only one with poor english and a passion for nice screenshots to make them perfect ...
    Knifes are always around, but man can learn to see them flying and to find the right reaction without leaving what he likes
    1. kaldaar
      • supporter
      • 6,303 posts
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      You don't really catch the story. No worries. He will.
      Just a false man pretending to be someone else to lure the staff once again after he as been banned a couple of time for multi account and other things.
      Not easy to dodge his knives when he used to call you 'friend' during years.
      And not great when he told lies to long time friends who turned their back since then.
      This poor lad is dangerous. Toxic.
      Easier to fight my cancer than him.
      I just want him to know he is not luring me at all.
      I know "they are him".