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Updates available for Terror Birds, Bolgans, Peacocks, Flamings, Slenderman and Centaurs mods


  1. Daermonster
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    SULFER AND FIRE! ADVENTURES IN AZURALAND PLACE THINGAMABOB!!! Screw peacocks, I speak for many of your more humble than myself fans when I say at the very least "UNHIDE" them instead of posting "some 1-2weeks I'll be working on an update".... It's almost been a year no joke since you hid them... my Pappy taught me if I was gonna do something to do it right, you are spreading yourself thin and haven't focused on material that you said you would.... At least unhide them.
  2. CyberWolf69
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    Awesome work as always, bro! always pleased to see your mods!

    btw how bout the release of my Giant Bat request? any idea when will that be? no pressure tho, just curious.
  3. Wizard22280
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    I think it's a good idea to try.
    eso dragon bones dlc - Fang Lair
    thanks for update
  4. MechaLegion
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    Finally, the update for Terror Birds. and dude are you going to make some Halloween special contents again?
    1. MihailMods
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      yes my friend, but will be just one special and will be a quest mod, also will take a while and will only be released in the end of november