Sigrid - Upon moons and water

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  1. Xorp
    • supporter
    • 4,019 posts
    • 39 kudos
    This set is extremely beautiful Rick
  2. Asaforg
    • supporter
    • 24,316 posts
    • 117 kudos
    Nice adventure set Rick. It makes Skyrim seem safe to explore.
  3. BlackMaid
    • premium
    • 33,306 posts
    • 258 kudos
    Especially the water pics are in all times of day and evening very enchanting ... I love the main for the wind in the hair
  4. User_33863450
    • account closed
    • 2,164 posts
    • 36 kudos
    Beautiful captures of the beach, the night skies and those storm ones, just delicious
  5. Klaxoid
    • member
    • 6,797 posts
    • 110 kudos
    Fantastic shots Rick! I love the look of that shield she's using.

    The two shots with the clouds and sea are phenomenal
    1. jumarbye
      • premium
      • 4,795 posts
      • 55 kudos
      I agree, Will. Simply fantastic!
  6. jumarbye
    • premium
    • 4,795 posts
    • 55 kudos
    There are some really gorgeous shots in here, Rick. Lovely set! I especially like the beach/water shot, the fourth pic in the description. So beautiful! I wouldn't mind being at a place like that right this minute
  7. hammersmcp
    • premium
    • 6,145 posts
    • 52 kudos
    Great title shot with the flying hair!
    The lighting in the grotto is superior.
    A wonderful portrait in brown tones.
    Excellent perspective in this one.
    And, the storms, though dangerous, are also gorgeous.
    The auroras.
  8. ista3
    • premium
    • 46,267 posts
    • 916 kudos
    Great captures and character works Rick
    1. oxybulle
      • premium
      • 2,399 posts
      • 47 kudos
      Fuly agree with you Izzy
  9. Darksaber87
    • member
    • 9,113 posts
    • 94 kudos
    Oh your night skies from friend are so wonderful. The purple and blue against the blackness of the horizon.