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  1. rsc587
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    This is badass. What mod is the black armor and that staff from? I don't really have the desire to use staffs on magic characters but for a necromancer character that staff would be perfect. It's sinister and sleek but the top part has a bit of a tribal look to it as well. If dark magic (like hexes in Dark Souls 2 or shadow magic from World of Warcraft) existed in Skyrim I would expect this staff to shoot out orbs of dark magic or something like that.

    Edit: I just remembered that staff is the Skull of Corruption. I guess I never really realized how badass it looks because I rarely do that quest and I've never seen a high quality screenshot of it until now.
  2. jumarbye
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    These are awesome pics! Love your shots of these two
    1. Skarletta
      • member
      • 564 posts
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      I'm so glad)
      I also came to like this strange, eccentric couple.
  3. aramdol
    • supporter
    • 1,637 posts
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    Cool, very edgy :) Way better than vanilla necromancers