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A new Snow Elf of mine... meant to test out a skin mashup I did but I think I'll keep her. She needs a name... and a non-stupid reason why she's roaming around Skyrim in the Fourth Era, lol.


  1. DatJonin
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    O.O can you make a preset?
  2. AlexandaBleak
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    your character is incredible, ive seen some of the photos you posted on tumblr, just stunning, itd be awesome if you could make like a companion or race mod for this, dunno how possible that'd be though :P
  3. maidude
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    I like that she actually has elven eyes, some people put human eyes on elves and it just doesn't look right for Elder Scrolls.
  4. Timthelegend
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    That is an amazing attempt at a female snow elf, mind telling me what mods you used?
  5. 83Willow
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    really lovely character! <3
  6. Gustav0Crow
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    She is incredible
  7. taepal77
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    lovely snow elf.
  8. Ruiwen
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    Maybe she was frozen in a vault and has awakened to find herself in a cruel world, searching for her kidnapped child. OK...that seems like that has been used before. I kid. Seriously though, she is a wonderful creation. Cute and a unique skin really sells her heritage. Great work.
  9. ScottC12
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    Very snow-elfy. She's a keeper. Makes us long for the return of Snow Elves to the 4th Era. Nice work - endorsed! For a name, how about Fridgeiel ;-)
  10. Kyliee
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    wow, she is very pretty!